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I have finally cracked Tripod's death grip on Tantallon Scene. We were incased in a virtual block of ice for what seems like an eternity. In the past few years these things have taken place: I formed a band called the Gideons which was like Nancy meets the Foxy Wolves and the Sweet Tenders (remember that band that played the firehall that one time?). That band broke up and me and Matt finally formed a band (not Overlord Sinner). Here are some things for your head: Tantallon has grown up and the bands are Long Long Long (only Caleb "Foxey Wolves" Langille) Quivers (Josh and Matt) Church of Satan (Cailean and Matt) Ggulls (Fillmore North alums) Bloodhouse (Alex "Butterface" Mitchell and Jab Veal) Poison Percy Rufus (Rob "Timberlea Wannabe" Driz and Matt) Soviet Crowbeak (Dangerous Davey Doran and Colin "MC HATE" Robitchy) Let's Get Involved (RIP) Tyler Crane on a street corner Julia Feltham on the cello (I knew a woman who called it a sell-oh, and yes she definately had dementia) In breaking news the Letter Unfolds are reforming. Best news since Peppertree. Paul's Hall shows this summer, Polly Cove shows too. Bill Estabrooks finally made it out of the woods. On a much sadder note, RIP Alex Fountain... We will always remember to BURN THE AC And on a positive note... I tricked tripod into letitng me write this by pretending this is a link to something. Also I graduated university with an English degree. You would never be able to tell from this shithole. So long suckers. - Josh Salter

May 5th - Long time, no updates, maybe were just getting lazy in our young ages, maybe its because Julian is from Quebec? But time for new. Foxy Wolves along with Tupperware Remix Party played last night at the pavillion, twas good. 420 show went good. Purple Suitcase will be playing on May 30th at a Big Brothers Big Sisters charity thing, the trailor park boys will also be there so chea. Foxy Wolves show coming up sometime soon, dont remember where or when but get ready for that.

April 9th - Purple Suitcase, Pavillion, 420!

April 1st - Two words, sweet meat. Those words describing what went on at shining waters marina this afternoon, the most foolish day of the year. John A's and Tantallon Junior Highs jazz bands played, along with a mass collaberation of junior high bands, and The Foxey Wolves and Purple Suitcase at shining waters marina. It was pleasant. Purple Suitcase will be playing a Big Brothers Big Sisters benefit next month along with the trailor park boys? And the Foxey Wolves will be playing The Pact comeback show on april 5th at the pavillion, with andrew wiseman acoustic and others.

March 18th - March break has come to an end, im not really sure what happend to it. Good week though. Reminder of the wolves show on the 24th at the pavillion. And i do believe kaydence will be playing at the pavillion on march 30th as well. And as the school year is now in the final stretch i do believe battle of the bands should be coming up in the upcoming months so keep tuned for that one.

March 1st - Coffee house went superbly, many a great acts. My gratitude goes out to Richard McNeil for sticking it to the man. In mega news, The Foxy Wolves will be playing with IN FLIGHT SAFETY!! on march 24 at the pavillion, show starts at 7pm, will be 10 dollars. go.

Feb 18th - The day of repentance is upon us, and here is a of people who will be playing at the upcoming coffee house;
The Hourglass Falls, there first show in sometime i think
Purple Suitcase
Tupperwear Remix Party
Jake Seaward vs. Brenden Janes (thats right, versus)
NUTELLA SANDWICH!!!!! there first real show ever!!!
Matt McMullen
Luke Langille
Sam Churney + Friend(s)
and the lovely Renee Hache (i think)

either way, should be a great evening of fun, music, coffee and hookers.

Feb 14th - Happy Valentines Day to all you who celebrate it, to all you who dont your better people because of it. Its a scam. But in musical news, Sir John A Macdonald High School will be hosting a coffee house on March the 1st. Also, there was an excellent article about the concert at the arena in The Flame magazine, props to K-Deezy McSteezy for that.

- Jake

Feb 9th - Hello, its friday. The pavillion show went good, john a idol kicked off at that school, i forget which one, but it was pretty good, purple suitcase will be playing at sir john a's music day on monday for all you hoolagins who are interested in that.

Jan 28th - The unconfirmed word is that there will be a coffee house at john a at the end of feburary sometime. Expect some Kaydence, Purple Suitcase, probally some Jake Seaward among other great acts, there are always great acts.

Jan 25th - The arena show was a great success, the music was spectacular. A shout out goes to the beale family plus that guy with the doors sweater for doing the sound. Show at the pavillion on friday the 2nd of feburary. I leave you with this question, if it takes 1 minute to boil 1 egg, how many minutes does it take to boil 12 eggs? - Jake

Jan 16th - Whats the good word? I'll tell you, pavillion, feburary second, the foxy wolves and purple suitcase. Deffinatley more good bands to be added to the official bill. So you'll want to check that one out, and the show this saturday at the arena for sure. Added to that show are kyle mccracken for a few short numbers and possibly some tupperwear remix party (

- Jake

Jan 8th - Christmas break has come to an end and the children have returned to school. The Foxy Wolves played a successfull show along side such names as Joel Plaskett and the Golden Dogs, excellent turn out. Other bands played some shows too, noteably Purple Suitcase and more Foxy Wolvse but im too lazy to write about them. I believe John A is starting up some sort of idol type thing, i know nothing, ask your local student council rep. Kaydence recorded somesort of demo or something. The Foxy Wolves will be headlining a showsky at the pavillion on Feb. 2, 7$, 7pm, other bands TBA. AND a BIG reminder of the show on the 20th at the arena CBAWP has been replaced with Watermelon Eating Contest (another quite good band for those of you who are iggnorant of them). So go to that.

- Tantallon Scene yo

Dec 28th - Sorry for the lack of updates, but the lack of news has been making it that way. Dont forget to check out all upcoming shows which are all listed under the upcoming shows. A big reminder about the Foxy Wolves/Plaskett show coming up on Saturday. Tickets are basically sold out i believe there might be some left at rock candy or sams, so better get on that if you want to go.

Dec 21st - Three updates in three days, what dedication. That rumored show for late janurary is now a go; St. Margrets Bay Arena, Janurary 20th, 7:00pm, $5. With bands such as The Gamma Gamma Rays, Purple Suitcase, Carol Brady's Amazing War Proposal, Jake Seaward (potentially with friends) and The Foxy Wolves. All who are hip must be in attendance.

The Foxy Wolves will be playing at the bedford fire hall on Saturday, Janurary 6th, alongside The Gamma Gamma Rays and CBAWP. 

Purple Suitcase shall be playing at ye ole Pavillion, of metro, on Friday, Janurary 5th, 2007. Whats that? You really want to go. Good idea as it is a food bank benefit. So by not going your telling everyone that you like watching poor people starve. Happy holidays to all.

-Tantallon Scene Crew

Dec 20th - News, news, news, whats going on in tantallons music scene you ask? Well you've come to the right place. Jake Seaward has recorded an ep in his basement, dont know why anybody would care, but if your interested in getting a copy of that pretty much just ask him for it, i hear hes trading it for food. The unconfirmed word on the street is that there shall be an arena show late janurary somtime, many a good bands are rumored to be playing but more on that when its for sure. Kaydence begins recording early janurary. And saving the best for last the Foxy Wolves will be playing with The Joel Plaskett Emergency on Decemeber 30th at the Marquee, for more information see upcoming shows. Thats it.

- Tantallon Scene Crew

Dec 19th - The site, as of 11:57pm Dec 19th 2006, has been officially taken over but the ever sexy Jake Seaward, and the ever useless Julian Wallot-Beale. It shall be updated regularly, perhaps? And shall be just as tantallon sceney as ever. What more could you want from a couple highschool students who have nothing better to do than play pogs and watch the tide come in.


Nov 20th - Two long months have past and this site has been utterly dead.  I am sorry to those who check Tantallon Scene everyday for the lack of updates.  I am also sorry if there are people in this world who check this site period.  I (Joshua Salter) have been reading for the last two months straight, only looking down long enough to see what is on my plate or where I am peeing.  Rob got lost in the Dal Arts Center about a month ago and search teams still haven't recovered the body.  Matt developed a skin condition from all of his dishwashing and crippled himself pushing carts.  He has rejected society as a whole and lives in a cabin made of old election signs somewhere in the back woods of Tantallon Woods.  He may or may not have an internet hookup.
As far as actual news goes... The Letter Unfolds play the final GCH show ever with the Establishment, Raygunomics, Moth and Rust and Get Tested.  For those who don't know, Ben, the guy running GCH has tirelessly devoted himself to AA shows when there was no venue in town.  The Letter played Pop Explosion on the same bill as Japanther and Chixdiggit.  That is a pretty impressive feat. They have also recorded a straight to internet EP with the songs "hoboknife" and "impact like treason" on the EP entitled "injustice favors the woman".  Apparently the songs "focus on some of the many problems plaguing women, prostitution, breast cancer and rape".
Fillmore North doesn't exsist.
Rob has yet another band that he is putting together with his new found Dal Music Program friends when he isn't playing in the Nova Scotia Youth Orchastra.  He is jamming with other people and generally getting into lots of musical endeavours.
Everything But the Circus has been playing shows at the Pavilion and probably stuff at school but sadly I know nothing.
Cailean has been recording for a long while now.  Apparently at one point he scrapped an entire album because he "didn't like the sound of [his] voice."
That is all I've got.    - Josh
Sept 9th - On Thursday, the Tantallon Library will be having an open mic for all of you hooligans interested in going, or performing. If you want to get on the list of people performing either drop into the library or give them a ringle on the telephone (number not included). I'm not sure exactly at what time this will get under way so you might want to double check with the library for more info. Music, poetry, etc. is all wanted.
- Matt

Sept 5th (the Day of Labour, or lack thereof) - To correct Josh's previous entry, I don't pump gas, I push carts and wash dishes... Now that everything is all cleared up, time for some good stuff.

The unconfirmed word on the street is that the Letter Unfolds will be one of the opening bands for the K-OS show at SMU as part of Frosh Week festivities. Contact your local Saint Mary's University for more info I guess. Also in the news of the Letter Unfolds, they have been chosen, whipped into shape, and finely packaged to perform at this year's edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion. The 'spolsion is from October 11-15. More details when they come.

Finally, I'm just going to warn you that you have not heard the last of the crazy plots of mine... as for Josh and Rob, who knows. But you have been warned, "more info to come".
- Matt

The Letter Unfolds have been getting some play on CKDU lately.  Big up to them for that.
You haven't heard the last of me.              - Josh

Aug 29th -  Summer is about wrap up and this site has been dead.  I choose to listen to Big Star and wait for school.  Rob and I will be off to university while Matt pumps gas or some other dead end job. 
The Letter Unfolds will be featured in the new issue of Scene to some extent.  They are also playing the She Kills release party on the 31st. 
Rob spent part of the summer working on recording stuff, scrapped it all and is waiting to jam with jeremy formerly of the Pgods. 
The future may hold some sort of songwriters circle at the One World Cafe featuring some of new SJA graduates music.
July 20th - August 18th a show is going down.  Fillmore North will be playing a benifit concert for the St Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association to help raise awareness in our community.  The show will be taking place at the St Margaret's Bay Arena from 5pm-10pm.  More details in the near future.
In celebration of the Pavilion's One Year Re-Opening Anniversary a great show will be taking place with Fillmore North and Audity right in the middle of it.  The lineup looks amazing and two stages will be set up.
Bands / Performers:
Sean MacGillvary (solo)
The Meligrove Band -
Cuff The Duke -
Fillmore North
For Pluto - - some members of Pledgecry
Human -
& Others
***$5 / 6pm***

"Also as part of the festivities, there will be a free BBQ outside for everyone who goes to the show. There will be prizes and giveaways as well.

We will also have a matinee movie on Sunday August 14th at The Pavilion at 2pm. The movie is TBA but the first 50 people who go to the Anniversary show will get a ticket to the movie on Sunday."   
July 11th(barely) - I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible.
Since it is summer, people are coming and going as they please, things are very much in the air. Not a lot in the way of shows coming up. The Letter Unfolds, Fillmore North, and Rob Drisdelle all played gigs over the past weekend but I was too effin' lazy and out of it to post about them. Oh well... Fillmore North will be playing at the Pilot House Cafe this coming Friday the 15th from 7-9pm. The Pilot House is in Boutlier's Point somewhere... shouldn't be hard to find if you don't know where it is, as it is probably the only commercial building in Boutlier's Point.
As for any other shows concerning any other bands, you're just going to have to keep on checking back now aren't you. Yes you are.

Finally, I know I told those around me after the last show that I'd never do another show again after that falling through. But turns out I was just so unpleasant at the time that I was unintentionally lying. The firehall will return, hopefully in the early fall with an actual big show. How big? Possibly circus size, and possibly with a petting zoo. Just you wait and see... because I don't even know yet. Go big or go home is the motto that shall be used though.


July 5th - Well the last firehall show was fun but lacking in the money department.  To those few who braved the heat to make it we thank you, all 5 of you.
The Letter Unfolds are playing the Pavilion this thursday alongside SNFU, one of Canada's oldest and most respected punk bands.  Also on the bill are the equally crazy Oh God and one other band. 
Friday Fillmore North plays what may be one of their last shows for awhile.  They play alongside local acts such as Lightning Rad and Born of a Spanish Funk.
As we at tantallonscene are recent SJA graduates we will no longer have the wisdom or inside information of those attending said high school anyone who would like maintain this site should step forward. E-mail me at if your enough of a sucker.  You can become part of a long running joke.         - Josh
June 19th - The end of the year fast approaches as does prom, grad, and a summer full of camping, biking and other activities that the general public has deemed as "sweet".  So kick it off with a "sweet" firehall show. Audity had to drop out and has been replaced by Cailean Lewis (possibly with friends) and a bit of Rob Drisdelle solo. The full lineup is as follows:

Special Noise
Fillmore North
The Dishonest Mailmen
Cailean Lewis (possibly with guests)
Rob Drisdelle
Jesse Brant
For those not in the know Special Noise hail from the big city and you can cop them  at .  The Dishonest Mailmen are also truckin down from town.  Jesse Brant, a former graduate of SJA will be playing along with his band.  He has recently just returned from the land down under.\
So bring 5 dollars and show up at 7.  Check the Upcoming shows page for directions and sweet poster action.      

Also! The Letter Unfolds are primed and ready to appear in the next edition of the HFX to be released on Thursday. So if you see it around you're local paper dispensary, pick one up. Do not even think about forgetting about Aliantfest too. The Letter Unfolds will open up that shiz at 1pm. Also featuring, The Contact, Human, and Pilate. Check Upcoming shows for more freshening.

One last edit for the day The Letter Unfolds have just put two songs from their upcoming EP Encyclopedia Self-Destructica on their MySpace page.  The two new tracks sounds very good so check them out post-haste.

-Mosh Palters/Jatt Seters 

June 15th - With the arrival of Alice Cooper season I figure it is time to get some stuff done... That being the next show, so here is the scoop:

Saturday, June 25th $5 7pm @ Bay Rd. Firehall
Bands include: Special Noise, Fillmore North, Audity, and more bands of goodness to come!

Ahar! -Matt

June 8th - We're getting slow and lazy in our old age... can you really blame us though? Yes. Yes you can.

For all of you not aware about Halifest. All you need to now is it is this coming Saturday, June 11th @ the Pavilion. Starts at 6pm and admission is $7. Here's the bandlist foo's:

6:00 - 6:20 - The Establishment
6:30 - 6:50 - The Douchebags
7:00 - 7:20 - The Letter Unfolds
7:30 - 7:50 - The Industry
8:00 - 8:20 - Oh God
8:30 - 8:50 - Risky Biz / Buss Pass
9:00 - 9:20 - Sharp Like Knives
9:30 - 9:50 - 52 Minutes

In other news, word has reached by the way of internet text that Chair in the Face will be also playing at the Pavilion this month. Friday, June 24th to be exact. Stay tuned on that right there.

And finally... I promise that we're working on this show. Waiting on one final thing and when I know, you shall too (if you come here). So far it is scheduled for the evening of Saturday June 25th... I do reserve the right to push that back though. Alright good.

May 29th - Congrats to the Letter Unfolds who beat out the competition to become the winners of the first Pavilion Battle of the Bands.  They recieved $300 for their troubles and will be appearing alongside Pilate and local bands Human and the Contact at an outdoor show June 25th.  The Letter Unfolds site has new details about their CD
"OK,so our new EP tentatively titled "encyclopedia self-destructica" will be out in june...again tentatively.We are trying to get it out by kirkies B-day,the big 09  !!! It will be 8 tracks. It will have these songs on it (no order specified)
1.die monday chowder tuesday
2.this paradox favors you
3.I am:to explode (thanks kennie)
4.this is the death march of the system (anti war anthem)
5.she's a fashionista ambulance painted black and blue
7.the sound of 2 hips colliding
8.let planes crash"
The boys also recieved play on CKDU today.
In other new Matt Rockett will again be playing the Chill n' Grindz Cafe on Cunard (by Musicstop) this Tuesday (May 31st).  Matt will be appearing alongside Scott Cochrane and Brian Borcherdt ( Should be a great show. 
Also playing the same night are Audity and Chair in the Face who go up against tough competition in the Halifax Metro Highschool Battle of the Bands.  Fillmore North would be representing our school but since they are not eligible (because they won it all last year) Chair in the Face will be taking their funk filled place.  The tickets are 10 dollars and Chair in the Face members are selling said tickets aroound the school.  ToneDef (the official name) is taking place at Prince Andrew's and the show starts at 7.
May 19th - While the weekend fast approaches so does a show featuring Timberlea's own Matthew Rockett.  He will be performing at the Chill n' Grindz Cafe on Cunard street by ye olde Musicstop/Gig Street.  It is a fundraiser for  Tumbleweed the oft praised FREE music day in town.  - Josh
Add on: Everything But The Circus now lives online...

May 16th - Intense weekend it was. Six bands faced off in the outside of Halifax Pavilion battle of the bands on Friday night. Chair in the Face, Everything but the Circus, Fillmore North, and The Letter Unfolds were all involved and repped the smaller T-Dot well. In the end it was The Letter Unfolds beating out Fillmore North by only a handfull of votes. They now move on to the FINAL round on May 28th. Opposers are Lightning Rad, Children of a Spanish Funk, and XII Days.

On Saturday the St. Margaret's Centre grand opening went down with the show included. Thanks to all who came out, especially the ones who stuck through 'till the end and were not drawn off by that fantastic figure skating presentation... Things went smoothly and good times were had. Although as any regular would tell you... although it's a nice building, the St. Margaret's Centre is no Bay Road Firehall in the category of classic(ness).

Stay Tuned for return of Firehall... - M to the P

May 10th - The time of the show on Saturday at the arena has been changed to Noon-3pm. Noon... not 1pm.... it's at 12 now.

May 7th - Just a quick word my peeps. Directions to the Arena has been added in the Upcoming Shows section. If you are from out of the area and don't know where it is, check out the directions + map... if that's not good enough get in touch with us and we'll set ye straight.

In other news, The Letter Unfolds are going back into the studios of recording this weekend working on their new EP. Release date pending on how well that goes I guess... Estimate is later in June. Should be pretty ripe.

April 27th - Hey! Who are you? and why are you in my house?! Been a couple weeks since last update... and I don't actually have much real news right now either. Just some small items... LIKE!....

This coming Friday, April 29th.... The Letter Unfolds will be playing at the final Pledgecry show at the Box in Cole Harbour. Show begins at 7pm and costs a mere $3.

Reminder for the Battle of the Stallions at the Pavilion on Friday, May 13th. The Letter Unfolds, Everything but the Circus, Fillmore North, A New Tomorrow/Chair in the Face (which one is actually playing?... who knows, I'm hearin' crazy shit about both though), and two other bands not from Tantallon who could be spectacular, we don't know.

ALSO! The very next day you can enjoy a good ol' local show at the St. Margaret's Bay Arena. Saturday, May 14th, 1-4pm ish. And... it's Freeeeeee. How could you refuse free-ness? Not all acts confirmed but so far we do have; Fillmore North, Ruth Minnikin (, Matt York, aka guy from other part of the country (, and others yet to be confirmed or whatever will be announced later.

And les finally, Fillmore North has just recently been added onto New Music Canada's website, chalk full of streamy goodness. You can check all the goods here (
By the way, I don't know how to use links, so just copy and paste them, easy enough. ArRrRrRrR!!!

April 8th - Pass the Ketchup Yo!
To the shock of everyone, Fillmore North won the Battle of the Bands on Wednesday through the fog of what shall be called sound system *(quality was not in attendance)*. They walk away with $100 to spend on whichever guilty pleasure they decide upon. They also have a slot on Q104's Route 104 program which airs on Sunday evenings. When we find out the date of their playing we shall let ye know.

Speaking of Ye ol' BoB's... The Pavilion's Battle of the Bands sequence is well under way with the Halifax round behind us and the Dartmouth round next weekend. The "Boonies" round will go down on Friday, May 13th. The list of bands include (can you spot the 4 Tantallon bands?):
1. Everything But The Circus
2. The Letter Unfolds
3. Fillmore North
4. Suicide Hill
5. Counter-Melodies
6. A New Tomorrow

The winner of that round wins $100 and moves on to the final round where they have the possibility to win another cool $200. It is based totally on fan voting so come out and support yon favourite band!

One final message of the text kind... The next local show will be kickin' on Saturday, May 14th (of the afternoon to early evening hours) at the new arena complex up off Exit 5 thur. I cannot tell you exactly what bands will be there, expect some high-octane action though from local acts and a rockin' motha headliner, whaaa! Oh... and admission will be free too. That's right, FREE. Now you have no viable excuse for not going. I do however reserve the right to beg for donations...

If anyone wishes to contribute anything in this little page which noone will ever see (such self confidence) send er over to

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