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Tantallon Scene

Old Links

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Tantallon Area Bands:

Ben Stockermans

A New Tomorrow

Yesterday's Gone (Pre-A New Tommorow)

Everything But the Circus

The Letter Unfolds

Fillmore North


Overlord Sinner (Disclaimer: The views expressed by this "band" in their interpretation of "Sinner Metal" is fully meant to offend anyone who actually listens to sinner metal)

Anti-Clockwork (ex-Twytch)

No Frequency (not a band but a brilliant radio show hosted by the very talented Danny Martin)

Ye Ol' Messageboard of Olde

Local Halifax Related Things:

Halifax Pavilion

Atlantic Music Links - Bands, Labels, Scenes

Halifax Noise - Eveything Upcoming in Halifax

Rock in Halifax (All Ages Scene)

The Coast Magazine

80's Halifax Scene Site

Porcelain Gods

The Useless Talking Factory II

Gabe's Site (Fillmore North)

Colin's Site (Cinderclock Romance)

Other Useful Links:

MX Tabs (Music Tabs)


Cost of War



Tantallon Scene