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News: Past and Present


March 31st - The Battle of the Bands has been postponed until Wednesday April 6th. Thank you for flying Air Canada. - Matt

March 24th - Well as Matt said Battle of the Bands is coming up on Thursday. Advance tickets will be sold at school to the tune of 7 dollars. So far known bands are Chair in the Face, Fillmore North, Everything But the Circus and Matt Rockett and Friends.

Rob Drisdelle who most know as that nerdy guy in every band has recorded some of his solo material. He is in the midst of putting together a lineup that will back him up which may or may not feature a Porcelain God(s). Check out his Pure Volume site:

Speaking of Pure Volume why not head over and check out a new project called Everything But the Circus, whose members include Alex Fountain and two other cats named Andrew and Justin.
The Letter Unfolds are currently selling 2 types of handsome buttons. Talk to Kyle who will hunt you down and throw whatever amount of pins you want in your face.

Chair in the Face have a site. Shield your eyes because the pastels will blind the average human being.

I would also like to say they stole my pasting people's heads on a women gag(somewhere in the photo departement there is a certain Letter Unfolds bassists head pasted on the body of a swimsuit model). I demand compensation.

If you handn't already noticed articles on Cailean Lewis, The Letter Unfolds, and Audity have been added to the review section. They were taken from "The Flame" and "The Scene" respectively. The bio section has a been updated a tad. Any bands that have a history please e-mail us the facts. We will re-do it someday soon. Any pictures from shows, or just of bands would be ace. -Josh

March 22nd - Allllriiight, where to begin... The Letter Unfolds are running on some high octane-gnarl right about now and are about to make the (Star) trek to PEI this Thursday for a couple weekend shows with 52 Minutes. When they return they will be hittin' up the Pavilion at the GCH 3rd Anniversay show on Saturday, March 26th. $7 7pm. Check the Upcoming Shows Page for mo' info. The guys also have pins for sale. Their very own pins! $1 each, two different designs. Talk to your nearest Letter Unfolds member or attend the show on the 26th to get yours! And if you don't... you'll get yours... in a different manner that is.

In other news, student council has finally gotten the ball rolling on the SJA Battle of the Bands. It will go down next Thursday, March 31st. If you're in a band and are interested but have not yet spoken to student council about playing then get your shizzle together and rig that up! (yo). And I believe that is all for now.

Live long and prosper. - Matt/Spock

March 15th - The show tonight at the Pavilion 'twas good. And if you didn't go... you better of had a good excuse.... otherwise I will not like you again... EVER AGAIN!!! Anyways, the Letter Unfolds and Fillmore North both played killer sets and the other bands that I saw did a solid job. Solid as Optimus Prime.

In other news, a brand new pictures section has been added. Photos from the October and January shows at the firehall and the aforementioned photos from the Pavilion on March 5th taken by Suzanne Covey and then transfered to the Peters' family computer thanks to the technology of ye ol' MSN 6...!!
Woot woot!
- Matt

March 13th - Matt overestimated people and their ability to click or copy and paste links so I shall paste it up. We here at the offices of Tantallon Scene and Co encourage local talent to apply and defy, whatever that means.

The Pavilion Battle of the Bands Overview – Full Details with Rules & Regulations coming soon.

The Concept:

The Pavilion Battle of the Bands

Starting on April Fool’s Day – April 1st – The Pavilion will be hosting a Battle of the Bands Series. There will be four Round Robin Events and one Final Event. The four Round Robin dates will be determined by geography with the winner decided by peer voting – that’s right NO Judges. Each person attending the show will be given a ballot to cast for their favourite band. The winners of each round will progress to the final at the end of the series. The format looks like this:

Friday April 1st – Halifax Bands – High Schools include: Queen Elizabeth, St Pats, Halifax West, JL Ilsley

Saturday April 16th – Dartmouth Bands – High Schools include: Dartmouth High, Prince Andrew, Auburn, Cole Harbour

Friday April 22nd – Bedford / Sackville Bands – High Schools include: C.P.Allen, Sackville High, Millwood

Friday May 27th – Outside metro – High Schools include: Sir John A, Lockview, Eastern Shore

Saturday May 28th – Final – the 4 winners from the round robin

In order to qualify for the Pavilion Battle of the Bands, your band must meet the following criteria:

1) The band must be composed of two members or more –ie – no solo acts

2) At least 50% of the band members must be 18 years old or younger and attend high school or junior high school in or around HRM.

3) You can only apply to be in the battle under one geographic location. Geographic location is determined by the high school or junior high you go to ie – Millwood High is in Sackville and so you would be entered into the Sackville round robin battle only.

3a) If the band has members going to different schools, then the school and geographic location of the band will be determined by where the majority of the band members go to school. Ultimately The Pavilion has the final decision.

4) Band members cannot play in more than one band entered in the battle. Ie – if you are the drummer in band X who has made it to the round robin then you cannot play in another band.

If you are interested in entering your band into The Pavilion Battle of the Bands, email the following information to: with the subject line – “Battle of the Bands”.

Read Carefully:

1. Name of Band and musical genre – ie “Band X – our music is metal like Metallica”
2. Band Website Address
3. Website Address where your band’s music can be heard – ie.
4. Band Member List with Name, Instrument, Age, School, Phone Number, and Email
5. Band Contact / Leader Name

From the submissions, bands will be selected to compete in the round robin. Please remember, there are limited spaces available for each night. More information on format and prizes coming soon!

March 12th - Welcome to March Break suckas... During the break the Pavilion will be having "March Break Madness", which means a bunch of shows will go down ya hear. To check out the info on all that good stuff buckle yourself in and travel through hyperspace to (I apologize for the link not working. Copy and paste it). The madness will feature some tantallon content on Tuesday March 15th. As mentioned earlier, the Letter Unfolds will be playing this show and recently p(F)unk master minds Fillmore North have been added as the opener. 6pm $4, should be good times being had.

In other news (also related to the Pavilion), the Pavilion Battle of the Bands is coming up and sign up details have recently been released. For the complete details on this mofo copy and paste this url into your website typing mechanism,

And finally ladies and gentlemen, details for a local springtime musical fiesta should be coming out shortly (I hope). DAAAAANCE PARTY!
- Matt

March 6th - The final week before the beloved March break graces us with its presence... Speaking of March break, March 15 = The Letter Unfolds @ The Pavilion in a meaty extravaganza! The event is set to kick off the new Pavilion newsletter/paper and the first 100 people get a free pin. Fancy that. Start time is 6pm and admission is a cool $4. The Letter Unfolds also hopes to have their brand new merch (also pins) for this show. We shall see if the mission will be accomplished.

Saturday night was the night of Fillmore North and Cailean Lewis at the Pavilion. While the attendance lacked in numbers, it was high quality in spirit and coolness. Pictures will be up soon and you can check out some video footage of the event under the Downloads page. Media courtesy of Suzanne Covey.

And on a totally unrelated note... friends of the T-Scene, The Porcelain Gods ( will be teaming up with Great Plains ( and the Meligrove Band ( on March the 17th at the Pavilion. $7 7pm.
SHAZAM! - Matt


February 26th> - Who's on first?... Well apparently the lineup for that show on the 5th at the Pavilion is finally confirmed (or so we think). Alongside Fillmore North will be, Suave Essentials, The Pools and most likely residents of the Tantallon; Nancy. Ummm... Yarrr?!?... - Matt

February 24th - Happy Potential blizzard to all those hoping for school cancellations this evening... Some show announcements for y'all great folks 'n shit. First off, coming up this sunday (Feb 27th) there will be a coffeehouse at the Pavilion. Performers include, Tantallon/Timberlea residents Cailean Lewis and Matthew Rockett, other performers are Sean MacGillivray, Mitchell Hutner and more. Shows starts at 2pm and is $4 admission. It must also be noted that you shall receive a free coffee or hot chocolate if in attendance. Secondly, a reminder for the Fillmore North show at the Pavilion on the 5th of March. Also, more Letter Unfolds shows to vocalize about. March 15th at the Pavilion in celebration style as the Pavilion will be celebrating the launch of its new newsletter. Then again on March 26th on the tail end of their brutal and prospectively bloody tour of PEI. This show will also be a celebration, it is an anniversary banquet (food not required) for Guerilla Concerts Halifax. Don't be a straight tripper yo! Rumour has it that another Letter Unfolds EP is in the works as well... Check out yon dates on the Upcoming Shows Page for all your 8 essential nutrients provided by this hardy bowl of concerts. - Matt

February 13th - After verbal threats and talk of abuse I am reminding everyone about the upcoming Letter Unfolds show on the 18th.  TLU will be playing at the Pavilion alongside I Hate Sally and the Saros Cycle.  The Letter Unfolds have also scored a mini tour with 52 Minutes that will extend all the way to the land of Potatoes and Anne, PEI.  Look out for more news on that coming.    - Josh
February 12th - Though I am sure noone reads this at noon on a saturday, Matt Rockett will be playing at the Mic Mac Friendship Center at the Music For Life Fundraiser.  The show starts at 2 and is priced at 5 dollars.  Matt will be playing alongside Jill Barber and members of the Ditchpigs, Bucket Truck and the New Breed among others.  Come out and enjoy the show.    - Josh


February 10th - Yet another show announcement. Word around the streets of the market is that Fillmore North will be assaulting the Pavilion again this coming March. When in March you ask? I'd say Saturday, March 5th ($7 7pm). This show shall definately be a code orange, so you better go. That right... YOU!

February 7th - Congratulations to Audity who have scored an opening slot for The Salads on the 20th of February(Sunday) at the Pavilion.  The cost is 7 dollars as usual and at 7pm, and The Unwise will also be appearing.
More February props go to the Letter Unfolds. You can check them out at the Pavilion on Friday the 18th (7$ 7pm). Check the Upcoming Shows page for more info.

A link to the Halifax Pavilion site was also finally added to the links section. I strongly suggest checking that out in T-minus 10 seconds.


On a completely unrelated note studies show that listening to the Sweet Tenders increases your chances of dancing.  - Mosh Palters


February 4th - Tonight, or so I have been told Chair in the Face will be playing the Pavllion along with Hadrian Seven.  I don't know much about Chair in the Face outside of the fact that hard hitting tantallon skin pounder Teddy Skiffington is involved with the project.  SJA Idol is off with a bang if thats your bag.


I have a crush on Laura Peek to but moreso Dave Eweson.  Anyway I am off to see Julie Doiron suckers!   - Josh


February 3rd - Hye. I got the word from the ex-Twytch crew that they have a new name and website, and soon a new record. Anti-Clockwork's the name, and Mao is their game (of choice). So there.


Did I mention my crush on Laura Peek (not excluding her Winning Hearts)? - Rob


February 1st - Land ho(e)! The show was les successful. Thanks to everyone who came out and mad props to the performers! A special thank you to those people that dug into their pockets to buy tickets in support of the fight against Aids. In total we raised over $60 from just the tickets. We will throw more into that pot and then it will be donating very shortly. Thanks again. Groundhog day comes tomorrow (and I'm sure TBS will show the Bill Murray movie for 24 horus straight) and I have a sneaking suspiscion that spring is closer than you think... and with spring comes good fun and more showtastic times. i'm just goign to stop talking now. - Matt


January 28th - In case you can't read the giant font above this very post, the show will go down tomorrow (you can now look up at the giant white letters for more details). Your main objective for Saturday, January 29th is to come to this show. Failure to do so will result in termination. Speaking of Terminator...
What's old is new again. What do I mean by that? Well it means that Colin Robicheau has kicked his coffee addiction and will be re-joining The Letter Unfolds as their full time bassist in legendary fashion. It just didn't look the same without him. Shopsys and pizza tomorrow for all! - Matt

January 18th - We can now officially announce the final band on the bill will be the Sweet Tenders who bring the noize, Quiet Riot style... or S