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News: Past and Present


March 31st - The Battle of the Bands has been postponed until Wednesday April 6th. Thank you for flying Air Canada. - Matt

March 24th - Well as Matt said Battle of the Bands is coming up on Thursday. Advance tickets will be sold at school to the tune of 7 dollars. So far known bands are Chair in the Face, Fillmore North, Everything But the Circus and Matt Rockett and Friends.

Rob Drisdelle who most know as that nerdy guy in every band has recorded some of his solo material. He is in the midst of putting together a lineup that will back him up which may or may not feature a Porcelain God(s). Check out his Pure Volume site:

Speaking of Pure Volume why not head over and check out a new project called Everything But the Circus, whose members include Alex Fountain and two other cats named Andrew and Justin.
The Letter Unfolds are currently selling 2 types of handsome buttons. Talk to Kyle who will hunt you down and throw whatever amount of pins you want in your face.

Chair in the Face have a site. Shield your eyes because the pastels will blind the average human being.

I would also like to say they stole my pasting people's heads on a women gag(somewhere in the photo departement there is a certain Letter Unfolds bassists head pasted on the body of a swimsuit model). I demand compensation.

If you handn't already noticed articles on Cailean Lewis, The Letter Unfolds, and Audity have been added to the review section. They were taken from "The Flame" and "The Scene" respectively. The bio section has a been updated a tad. Any bands that have a history please e-mail us the facts. We will re-do it someday soon. Any pictures from shows, or just of bands would be ace. -Josh

March 22nd - Allllriiight, where to begin... The Letter Unfolds are running on some high octane-gnarl right about now and are about to make the (Star) trek to PEI this Thursday for a couple weekend shows with 52 Minutes. When they return they will be hittin' up the Pavilion at the GCH 3rd Anniversay show on Saturday, March 26th. $7 7pm. Check the Upcoming Shows Page for mo' info. The guys also have pins for sale. Their very own pins! $1 each, two different designs. Talk to your nearest Letter Unfolds member or attend the show on the 26th to get yours! And if you don't... you'll get yours... in a different manner that is.

In other news, student council has finally gotten the ball rolling on the SJA Battle of the Bands. It will go down next Thursday, March 31st. If you're in a band and are interested but have not yet spoken to student council about playing then get your shizzle together and rig that up! (yo). And I believe that is all for now.

Live long and prosper. - Matt/Spock

March 15th - The show tonight at the Pavilion 'twas good. And if you didn't go... you better of had a good excuse.... otherwise I will not like you again... EVER AGAIN!!! Anyways, the Letter Unfolds and Fillmore North both played killer sets and the other bands that I saw did a solid job. Solid as Optimus Prime.

In other news, a brand new pictures section has been added. Photos from the October and January shows at the firehall and the aforementioned photos from the Pavilion on March 5th taken by Suzanne Covey and then transfered to the Peters' family computer thanks to the technology of ye ol' MSN 6...!!
Woot woot!
- Matt

March 13th - Matt overestimated people and their ability to click or copy and paste links so I shall paste it up. We here at the offices of Tantallon Scene and Co encourage local talent to apply and defy, whatever that means.

The Pavilion Battle of the Bands Overview – Full Details with Rules & Regulations coming soon.

The Concept:

The Pavilion Battle of the Bands

Starting on April Fool’s Day – April 1st – The Pavilion will be hosting a Battle of the Bands Series. There will be four Round Robin Events and one Final Event. The four Round Robin dates will be determined by geography with the winner decided by peer voting – that’s right NO Judges. Each person attending the show will be given a ballot to cast for their favourite band. The winners of each round will progress to the final at the end of the series. The format looks like this:

Friday April 1st – Halifax Bands – High Schools include: Queen Elizabeth, St Pats, Halifax West, JL Ilsley

Saturday April 16th – Dartmouth Bands – High Schools include: Dartmouth High, Prince Andrew, Auburn, Cole Harbour

Friday April 22nd – Bedford / Sackville Bands – High Schools include: C.P.Allen, Sackville High, Millwood

Friday May 27th – Outside metro – High Schools include: Sir John A, Lockview, Eastern Shore

Saturday May 28th – Final – the 4 winners from the round robin

In order to qualify for the Pavilion Battle of the Bands, your band must meet the following criteria:

1) The band must be composed of two members or more –ie – no solo acts

2) At least 50% of the band members must be 18 years old or younger and attend high school or junior high school in or around HRM.

3) You can only apply to be in the battle under one geographic location. Geographic location is determined by the high school or junior high you go to ie – Millwood High is in Sackville and so you would be entered into the Sackville round robin battle only.

3a) If the band has members going to different schools, then the school and geographic location of the band will be determined by where the majority of the band members go to school. Ultimately The Pavilion has the final decision.

4) Band members cannot play in more than one band entered in the battle. Ie – if you are the drummer in band X who has made it to the round robin then you cannot play in another band.

If you are interested in entering your band into The Pavilion Battle of the Bands, email the following information to: with the subject line – “Battle of the Bands”.

Read Carefully:

1. Name of Band and musical genre – ie “Band X – our music is metal like Metallica”
2. Band Website Address
3. Website Address where your band’s music can be heard – ie.
4. Band Member List with Name, Instrument, Age, School, Phone Number, and Email
5. Band Contact / Leader Name

From the submissions, bands will be selected to compete in the round robin. Please remember, there are limited spaces available for each night. More information on format and prizes coming soon!

March 12th - Welcome to March Break suckas... During the break the Pavilion will be having "March Break Madness", which means a bunch of shows will go down ya hear. To check out the info on all that good stuff buckle yourself in and travel through hyperspace to (I apologize for the link not working. Copy and paste it). The madness will feature some tantallon content on Tuesday March 15th. As mentioned earlier, the Letter Unfolds will be playing this show and recently p(F)unk master minds Fillmore North have been added as the opener. 6pm $4, should be good times being had.

In other news (also related to the Pavilion), the Pavilion Battle of the Bands is coming up and sign up details have recently been released. For the complete details on this mofo copy and paste this url into your website typing mechanism,

And finally ladies and gentlemen, details for a local springtime musical fiesta should be coming out shortly (I hope). DAAAAANCE PARTY!
- Matt

March 6th - The final week before the beloved March break graces us with its presence... Speaking of March break, March 15 = The Letter Unfolds @ The Pavilion in a meaty extravaganza! The event is set to kick off the new Pavilion newsletter/paper and the first 100 people get a free pin. Fancy that. Start time is 6pm and admission is a cool $4. The Letter Unfolds also hopes to have their brand new merch (also pins) for this show. We shall see if the mission will be accomplished.

Saturday night was the night of Fillmore North and Cailean Lewis at the Pavilion. While the attendance lacked in numbers, it was high quality in spirit and coolness. Pictures will be up soon and you can check out some video footage of the event under the Downloads page. Media courtesy of Suzanne Covey.

And on a totally unrelated note... friends of the T-Scene, The Porcelain Gods ( will be teaming up with Great Plains ( and the Meligrove Band ( on March the 17th at the Pavilion. $7 7pm.
SHAZAM! - Matt


February 26th> - Who's on first?... Well apparently the lineup for that show on the 5th at the Pavilion is finally confirmed (or so we think). Alongside Fillmore North will be, Suave Essentials, The Pools and most likely residents of the Tantallon; Nancy. Ummm... Yarrr?!?... - Matt

February 24th - Happy Potential blizzard to all those hoping for school cancellations this evening... Some show announcements for y'all great folks 'n shit. First off, coming up this sunday (Feb 27th) there will be a coffeehouse at the Pavilion. Performers include, Tantallon/Timberlea residents Cailean Lewis and Matthew Rockett, other performers are Sean MacGillivray, Mitchell Hutner and more. Shows starts at 2pm and is $4 admission. It must also be noted that you shall receive a free coffee or hot chocolate if in attendance. Secondly, a reminder for the Fillmore North show at the Pavilion on the 5th of March. Also, more Letter Unfolds shows to vocalize about. March 15th at the Pavilion in celebration style as the Pavilion will be celebrating the launch of its new newsletter. Then again on March 26th on the tail end of their brutal and prospectively bloody tour of PEI. This show will also be a celebration, it is an anniversary banquet (food not required) for Guerilla Concerts Halifax. Don't be a straight tripper yo! Rumour has it that another Letter Unfolds EP is in the works as well... Check out yon dates on the Upcoming Shows Page for all your 8 essential nutrients provided by this hardy bowl of concerts. - Matt

February 13th - After verbal threats and talk of abuse I am reminding everyone about the upcoming Letter Unfolds show on the 18th.  TLU will be playing at the Pavilion alongside I Hate Sally and the Saros Cycle.  The Letter Unfolds have also scored a mini tour with 52 Minutes that will extend all the way to the land of Potatoes and Anne, PEI.  Look out for more news on that coming.    - Josh
February 12th - Though I am sure noone reads this at noon on a saturday, Matt Rockett will be playing at the Mic Mac Friendship Center at the Music For Life Fundraiser.  The show starts at 2 and is priced at 5 dollars.  Matt will be playing alongside Jill Barber and members of the Ditchpigs, Bucket Truck and the New Breed among others.  Come out and enjoy the show.    - Josh


February 10th - Yet another show announcement. Word around the streets of the market is that Fillmore North will be assaulting the Pavilion again this coming March. When in March you ask? I'd say Saturday, March 5th ($7 7pm). This show shall definately be a code orange, so you better go. That right... YOU!

February 7th - Congratulations to Audity who have scored an opening slot for The Salads on the 20th of February(Sunday) at the Pavilion.  The cost is 7 dollars as usual and at 7pm, and The Unwise will also be appearing.
More February props go to the Letter Unfolds. You can check them out at the Pavilion on Friday the 18th (7$ 7pm). Check the Upcoming Shows page for more info.

A link to the Halifax Pavilion site was also finally added to the links section. I strongly suggest checking that out in T-minus 10 seconds.


On a completely unrelated note studies show that listening to the Sweet Tenders increases your chances of dancing.  - Mosh Palters


February 4th - Tonight, or so I have been told Chair in the Face will be playing the Pavllion along with Hadrian Seven.  I don't know much about Chair in the Face outside of the fact that hard hitting tantallon skin pounder Teddy Skiffington is involved with the project.  SJA Idol is off with a bang if thats your bag.


I have a crush on Laura Peek to but moreso Dave Eweson.  Anyway I am off to see Julie Doiron suckers!   - Josh


February 3rd - Hye. I got the word from the ex-Twytch crew that they have a new name and website, and soon a new record. Anti-Clockwork's the name, and Mao is their game (of choice). So there.


Did I mention my crush on Laura Peek (not excluding her Winning Hearts)? - Rob


February 1st - Land ho(e)! The show was les successful. Thanks to everyone who came out and mad props to the performers! A special thank you to those people that dug into their pockets to buy tickets in support of the fight against Aids. In total we raised over $60 from just the tickets. We will throw more into that pot and then it will be donating very shortly. Thanks again. Groundhog day comes tomorrow (and I'm sure TBS will show the Bill Murray movie for 24 horus straight) and I have a sneaking suspiscion that spring is closer than you think... and with spring comes good fun and more showtastic times. i'm just goign to stop talking now. - Matt


January 28th - In case you can't read the giant font above this very post, the show will go down tomorrow (you can now look up at the giant white letters for more details). Your main objective for Saturday, January 29th is to come to this show. Failure to do so will result in termination. Speaking of Terminator...
What's old is new again. What do I mean by that? Well it means that Colin Robicheau has kicked his coffee addiction and will be re-joining The Letter Unfolds as their full time bassist in legendary fashion. It just didn't look the same without him. Shopsys and pizza tomorrow for all! - Matt

January 18th - We can now officially announce the final band on the bill will be the Sweet Tenders who bring the noize, Quiet Riot style... or Sweet Tenders style in this instance.

Just one more reason to attend the largest social gathering of 2005.      - Josh


January 17th - For all of those people awaiting the coveted return of Fillmore North show on the 29th this should hold you over.  Here are a few tracks from their album.



Also watch out for the new Funk You album which is currently being recorded and should be released within the month.


The Letter Unfolds will be playing the Box on the 28th along with 52 Minutes, The Saros Cycle, and the Industry.  The  show will be for tsunami relief.  Good on ya' boys.


SJAM will be taking place at the school on the 19th I believe...  I may be wrong.  I think it is taking place after school with an admission of 2 dollars.  Funk You, Rob Drisdelle and Friends, Ben Forhan's new band, Adam Hersey's new band.  Check it out it should be fun.


Last but not least here is an important announcement about the show on the 29th.

At this show we will be selling tickets/bids on some good merchandise. So far for merch we've got a Letter Unfolds cd, Fillmore North cd, Pgods cd and t-shirt or two, a few Joel Plaskett cds (autographed nonetheless), probably some copies of the famous Slim Cailean collections as well, plus many other items yet to be confirmed.

Why are we doing this you ask? Well, the proceeds will be going to help aid the fight against Aids in Africa. Some of you may know, some of you may not know just how serious the situation is. The UN has projected that in another 10 years the entire population of Uganda would have fallen to HIV. Currently 45% of the population is infected. This is only one country out of dozens fighting this large uphill battle and it is an issue that should be getting much more attention that it is.

So come out with those extra dollars you've scrounged up and hopefully you'll win some good stuff and help out this tremendous cause too!            -Mosh Palters


January 10th -  Good evening to you! I hope you all had a swell weekend. And if not, I've got some news to bring you out of the Monday blues. Later this month... Saturday evening, January 29th to be exact(price likely to be 5 shillings). Some mad shit will go down. By which I mean the full (and true) return of Fillmore North in live show format. They will be taking to the stage of the legendary Bay Rd. Firehall in Lewis Lake along side the likes of Nancy, Funk You... The Letter Unfolds too probably, as well as other(s) to be announced. So make sure you clear your slate for the evening of Saturday, January 29th (don't worry, it will be over in time for partying...). And for those of you that decline this event... I guess I'll just have to drive through your front door personally to teach you a lesson. More details to follow...!!!... - Matt

January 8th -  Just a reminder. About that show at the Pavilion(7pm $7 - Cogswell street,etc.), which will be headlined by the first show back for Fillmore North (although it is Gabeless, but sitll good). YOU best go, or I will throw a garbage can through your front window. - Matt

January 6th -  Nancy has been cut to just Cailean and Matt Rockett has been added to this Saturday's Funk Night.  For those sad about missing Nancy as a whole look no further than Friday January 14th.  Nancy will be playing with Rudy at the Pavillion, more details as they arise.


Also don't miss the Tsunami Benefit show at the Metro Centre featuring lots of Halifax notables.  Bands aside a very worthy cause.


January 4th - Late breaking news, Matt Rockett will be selling his new CD in the cafateria for a price somewhere between 3-5 dollars. Make sure to stop by and pick one up.


Well Funk night at the Pavillion has even more Tantallon content.  Nancy the less then funktacular band will be joining Fillmore North and Funk You.  Perhaps if they drench their set in Wah-Wah...


Well the lack of content going on is a stain on the less then reputable name of Tantallon Scene.  To make up for the lack of new articles, the Funk You CD review and Fillmore North CD review from the premeir issue of the FLAME are going up.  Thank you to a one Alex Fountain for providing me with an article.


Also Matt Rockett has just finished a recording of songs and we will have two Mp3's from that recording up sometime this week.    - Josh


January 3rd - Well the new year has begun and we are looking to the future.  The children are our future!  Hopefully noone died of alcohol poisioning as is common around this time of the year.


The Letter Unfolds are playing their first gig in a long while.  They will be playing the Pavillion this Friday along with Start the Attack, The Doochebags, and Absentia for the ol cover charge of 7 dollars.  Bring some extra scratch because the Letter Unfolds will be selling their recently finished CD for the cool as ice price of 6 dollars.


Make sure you save some of your money though because the next day Fillmore North will be playing their first show back alongside Funk You.  Sadly Fillmore North will be Gabeless as he will not have arrived back from Montreal but this show is not one to be missed.


Stay tuned for another local show taking place towards the end of the month.     - Josh



December 30th - Well hopefully little Tommy recieved toy truck he wanted, and you recieved whatever you wanted the Consumer holiday.  New Year's approaches and hopefully we will have an even better year in the pseudo-music community.


Though the holidays are over another present is in store.  Sorry it isn't a Major Award or a Red Rider BB Gun but some new tracks from The Letter Unfolds.  Check out two tracks off there new EP.



He said he'd return for 2005 and he did.  No I am not talking about Jesus come back to pass judgement on all of you sinner I am talking about Zach Frampton of Fillmore North.  He has made it back a little older, possibly wiser and ready to play.  Next month Fillmore North will be headlining a show at the Pavillion along with their brothers in Funk, F*nk You(whose Christmas album frequented my CD Player this Christmas).  Details when they they come.


So Happy New Year's and make sure to have fun watching the ball drop, just make sure you aren't standing under it.      - Josh


December 16th - Tantallon Scene and our vast staff would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season.  With that said on to the news.


This Sunday there will be an acoustic coffeehouse at the Pavillion featuring our very own Robert Drisdelle and Cailean Lewis.  Show up at 2 with your 4 dollars in hand and relax to a great musical performance with your free hot chocolate/coffee in hand.


This months edition of the Flame reviews both the Fillmore North CD and the more elusive F*nk You CD.


Apparently the Beertones who played a show with Audity a while back have a member attending ye olde SJA.  I am sure Rob will have the info on that soon enough.  After Christmas look for an updated band page and hopefully some new Mp3's that haven't been up since the dawn of time.


One last thing Justin Boudreau of Fillmore North has been making t-shirts for his enterprenuer class under the stairwell.  This would be an opportune moment to purchase a shirt with the Fillmore North emblem emblazed on the front.    -Josh


Decemeber 8th - Last minute news, Cailean Lewis will be performing tonight at the Bluebird Cafe on Agricola.  The show starts at 8 and he is going to be part of a songwriters circle.  Estimated cost is four dollars.     - Josh


Decemeber 2nd - the messageboard is taking off.  Not really.  Cailean Lewis has released his fourth collection of recordings.  The End    - Josh


December 1st - A NEW Messageboard... that is correct! Check it out it shall definately be worth it.  Just click on the giant "Messageboard" right above there.... and yes I made that in paint, shut up.  If ever you want to return to the old board and laugh at it, you can find it under the links page.  



November 28th - A new page has been added for this holiday season marking the the upcoming month of Zachmas.  Other news will be added soon, I am going to bed.  Why am I up at 1 in the morning?     - Josh


November 23rd - The Fillmore North CD is now up for grabs in volvo-esque fashion.  The cost is $10 and the CD contains 11 tracks of material which measures up to about 50 minutes of sweet honey juicyness... 8 original tracks with 3 cover tracks done over with a brand new flavouring of fun... and stuff... If you are interested in picking up a copy I suggest you contact at least one of the following:

Myles - 452-8645


If you don't... may god have mercy on your soul.       - Matt



November 18th - Well no that we are back to school after an extended power-outage related break its time to face the music.  Terrible pun.


The Letter Unfolds are no longer on the show at the Mic Mac Club and have opted to play an upcoming Pavillion show on the 20th. Fans of the Box shouldn't start crying yet because they will be returning to the venue on the 26th.


Audity will be playing the Pavillion soon, details coming...soon.  The talent show is also forthcoming and the full schedule will be released sometime this week.    - Josh


November 8th -  We have been getting behind lately due to the midterm crunch period that brings Art projects and Canadian Literature work to new heights.  There is no shortage of news though and hopefully I can bring everyone up to speed.


Tonight (Yes a late late announcement) The Tyler Crane and Friends Orchastra will be playing the Kidsplay event at Ridgecliffe.  The festivities start at about 7.


The Free the Children benefit concert is coming up this Wendsday, the 10th with Audity playing alongside The Porcelain Gods, The Dishonest Mailmen and Liquid Mentality.  The show will be 5 dollars and all proceeds will go directly to the Free The Children organization( ).  They are a non-profit organization who build schools in thrid world countries.  This is all going on at the HGS Theatre at 945 Tower Road.  Come and support a great cause.


This Friday (Nov 12th) Nancy or possibly Cailean playing solo will be performing at the Pavillion with Sailboat Choke, the Dishonest Mailmen and others. 7 dollars, 7pm.


The Letter Unfolds have been playing a number of successful shows lately and were featured in the last Pavillion Newsletter.  Catch them this month at the Pavillion, November 13th with Inversions and others.  Then head on over to the Mic Mac Club in Dartmouth to catch them with a cavalcade of other bands.  The Letter Unfolds have finally found a new bassist in their old guitarist Patrick Faye.


If you thought I was done guess again. My hands are numb from typing, not to mention poor circulation.  Myles Fillmore, Tantallon's resident guitar god will be appearing at the first Pavillion Coffeehouse alongside Sean McGillvary(drummer of the Burdocks) among others.  Come out and enjoy great music and what could possibly be good coffee.

That is enough information for now, check the upcoming shows page for all this with added detail.  Pictures and video from the last show is hopefully forthcoming, our Photobucket account is packed to the brim as we speak.  Anyone with anything on events/bands/news/pictures please feel free to drop a line.     -Josh


November 1st - I hope ye all had a darn tooten' good Hallowe'en!

                     The Fillmore North CD is only seconds from completion... I swear... if by seconds I meant by next week or the week after or something.  What is important is that it will be finished someday.  To make you begin to salivate... "The World Beyond Your Television Screen" a track off of the upcoming Fillmore North CD is being featured right now (better hurry while the bun is hot) under the download section.  The CD will either be $10 or $15 but will of course be worth every cent.

- Mattttt


October 27th - While Josh tries to finish a huge essay for tomorrow... and I just plan to pass it in a week late, I figure I should update the site.


First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the show last weekend.  It was a good time had by fans and bands alike.  And for the sake of keeping you on your toes, keep your head up for a show around Christmas/New Year time.


Secondly, the Fillmore North CD is reaching the final stages of completion and should be available to the public by the end of the month, price will likely be $10.  It will be filled with lots of gorey secret tracks and tricks (in the spirit of Hallowe'en I guess...)


And finally, The Letter Unfolds will be recording a 6 or 7 track ep over the first two weeks of December to be available at their gigs.  So tuck your pants into your socks and get ready to be gnarled to the core.


That's it for now kiddos, and remember, for this Hallowe'en season, Costco eggs beat all competitors with their Grade A good ness    - Matt



October 23rd - Just a reminder for everyone to go to the show tomorrow at the firehall!!! Local support is desperately needed and it is what makes it all possible.  Without it more shows would not be possible.  The only people that would profit from a good turnout would be you, the fan, because more shows will be possible.  So in other words, COME! and if you don't.... can you really live with the weight of the fact that you killed the scene on your shoulders?  Didn't think so...                                                                     - Matt


October 18th - ATTENTION! All people who saw our poster and were wondering where the hell the Bay Road Fire Hall is and where the directions are, they are in fact at the bottom of the UPCOMING SHOWS page. There. Yes, go there. Fun shall be had.


August & September now added to archives. - Rob


October 14th - it is actually 21 minutes until the 14th but oh well I am a filthy liar.  For all of my dark minions who just ca't wait to spread the news about the show going down on the 24th you are in luck because I have the poster done up and you cna post in wherever you feel necessary!  Check the upcoming shows section     - Josh


October 13th - Hello my children.  Just letting you know that the show has been finalized and it will be headlined by the Burdocks.  Cost is $6 and it will take place at 5pm.  For all the cookies and milk click on the Upcoming Show Info page!!!  Cheers!!

                                                                - Matt


October 10th (wee hours) - I was just looking over the download section and was thinking to myself... this shat hasn't been updated in forever.  So I added a live Fillmore North track to it.  I also updated the Upcoming Show Info page for those of you wondering some details on the upcoming show or perhaps directions on how to get there.  If so, we've got you covered.  I surely hope that by now you are giving all the Thanks that you can...

                                                                       - Matt


October 4th - Alright people who enjoy coffee its your week!  First off is the monthly coffee house held at the Keshen Goodwin library.  Performers will include F*nk You, Rob Drisdelle, probably a few others, and halifax residents Megan Smith and 3 time ECMA nominated guitarist Ian Janes.  The fetivities take place at 7pm and its FREE.


Next up is the SJA Coffee House which will include performances by Cailean Lewis, F*nk You, Tyler Crane, Ben Stockerman, Rob Drisdelle, probably members of the former Fillmore North and much more.  That takes place this Thursday and probbaly costs around 5 dollars.


Sadly we have nothing more to report about the show, but get your wallets and tell your friends because if we want to do more shows we need financial support, and possibly moral but money is still better.    - Josh


October 1st - The loveable guys from the Porcelain Gods who have been getting a lot of attention lately will also be playing the firehall show.  Hopefully we can report another band soon.


F*unk You is releasing A" F*nk You Christmas".  The CD should be ready to the general public by the Coffee House, expect beautifully written liner notes and a classy album cover.     - Josh


September 30th - LAND HO! The scene's been quiet show wise for a good 4 months now... but no longer.!... Sunday, October 24th there will be a reaping good show at the Firehall in Lewis Lake on the Bay Rd.  Local bands will include the likes of Audity, Myles Fillmore, Nancy, and the Letter Unfolds.  More details, including headlining act(s), price and such will follow hopefully within days.  Sunday October 24th, frehall, you all BEST be there!
September 28th  The Letter Unfolds are playing shows like crazy proving once more that they are the hardest working band in Tantallon.  Let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Dates include
Oct  9th @ the Pavillion
Oct 13th @ North End Rec Centre, New Glascow
Oct 23rd @ the Pavillion
Oct 24th @ the show with more details later...
A bit late but Cailean Lewis who you all know and love(ha) is playing at the Bluebird Cafe tomorrow at 8:30 as part of a songwriters circle.  I think the admission will be somewhere between 3 and 6 dollars.  Cailean will be performing along with 2 other artists.  For those of you who arent familiar with the Bluebird it is a new cafe on the corner of Agricola and West.  Wendesday the Library is having its first of the month coffee house, more news to come on that.   - Gimili aka Josh
September 26th - Yes this site has been basically dead for no good reason, both Audity and The Letter Unfolds played on the 24th.  Audity with the Pgods at the Pavillion(Rob played Tamborine with les Pgods) and the Letter Unfolds with Detatch the Senses and Company.
In other news The Letter Unfolds are off to play at StFx tonight.  Ye ol Coffee House is coming rather soon so sign up post haste.  I am apparently part of the music commitee becasue I walked in on a meeting.   
Gabe Beale of Fillmore North fame ended up coming back to the Tantallon area and is in talks with Colin Robicheau )formerly of the Letter Unfolds(and Tripod for the old foggies).  Cailean Lewis and and Mike Lancaster are also on board so expect some neo-prog-psycherock in the future.  Also rumored is a Firestorm reunion show. 
The Bands page has been updated a tad for those who actaully look at it.  Hopefully I can make some new editions in the future AKA F*nk You etc. The Superfriendz are playing with the Pgods in October don't miss it (that ahs absolutely nothing to dow ith Tantallon but its the Superfriendz for Christs sake!   - signed noisemaker AKA Josh
September 25th - I just could not stand to see this site not get updated in so long...  My only purpose through this is to let you guys in on a secret.  Listen closely now... Get yourself prepared for a late-October show hittin' the area.  Details are nearing finality (don't you dare try and correct me).  We hope to be able to share them with you very soon!

{END TRANSMISSION}                                              - Matt
September 1st - I know everyone is sad that school got pushed back to Tuesday but cheer up emo kid.  If your wondering how you can fill the void I reccomend you go to the Keshen Goodman Library for this months open mic.  F*nk You will be playing along with Rob Drisdelle and Matt Rockett among others.  Free Admission and the doors are open at 7... well since its a library theya re open all day but you know what I mean.  Keep your head up because school is on its way.   - Josh


August 31st - The Letter Unfolds will be playing a Backyard Show with free admission so head on down.  The show is going down at 72 Celtic Dr.  Directions can be found at
They will be sharing the stage with:
Dan and the dirty douche bags
The Skanks
tragic view (last show)
detach the sences
captain's friends
                                      - Josh
August 30th (the wee hours) - Friday's show was awesome! Check out tonight's show in Sackville at the Springfield Rec Center with The Letter Unfolds & Co.
I added a link to the personal music page of Señor Bernardo Stockermans in the Links section. I quite recommend heading on overe there and siphoning his sweet multi-instrumentalist nectar. - Rob
August 19th - Man, we are lagging behind as far as news goes, aren't we? Despite our lazyness to report it, there is stuff happening that deserves to go up.
August 27th and 28th are the dates for the official Pavilion Grand Opening celebrations and it's being marked by two shows on those dates. On the friday it's Audity (giggle), The Pgods and Joel Plaskett, again solo, and perhaps one more. The 28th shall be more of a punk/hardcore show for those with more of that sort of taste, featuring Oh God, Insubordination and my buddies the Raygunomics.
For the 19+ audience, honorary tantallonites the Pgods are playing the Marquee the 28th. Look for their new EP soon, Emergency Band Meeting.
August 30th, at the Springfield Rec Center in Sackville, there's a big fest-of-sorts featuring the Letter Unfolds, along with Pledgecry, Inversions and Start the Attack, among many, many others.
All details of these shows will be posted. I really hope we have people who come to our site during the summer. If you or someone you know are related to something, music-wise, that's going on in or about the Tantallon area, please let us know. - Rob
August 4th - The show we were planning got axed at least for a month.  To many kinks to sort through.
In other news tonight Rob Drisdelle(Audity, Nancy, The Matt Rockett Trio) Matt Rockett (The Matt Rockett Trio) and Steph Brown(B-52s cover band perhaps?) are all playing the Open Mic at the Keshen Goodman library with none otehr than Joel Plaskett.  Show starts at 7:00 and be ready for a night of music, poetry, skits and other such things.
Last but certainly not least, Myles Fillmore of Fillmore North fame placed second in the Natal Day Talent Contest.  He recieved 600 dollars for his guitar stylings and wowed the judges.  Comments recieved were along the linesof "Do You Have More than 6 Fingers?", "I know your self taught because I teach guitar and I would never tell my students to bang on the guitar like you do" as well as the fact that Myles is as cute as a button. 
All of you sadnicks who are bummed out about Gabe and Zach moving on to Montreal this year there is some good news.  Fillmore North is now recording a CD full of originals.  Leave your name number and preference of concetrated juice in the topic on the forum.     - Josh
August 1st - Hey all. Not much has been happening lately in the 'cene. You may be wondering about our show that's in the works. well, It's still in the works. A few too many bugs to say anything specific so far, but keep your ears perked for news.
The Letter Unfolds are now on Octave Records. Octave is part studio part record company, so look out for something new from them.
I heard somewhere that A New Tomorrow got signed to some label somewhere. Someone validate this for me, for the record's sake. - Rob


July 24th - June now off this page and in the archives.
A track from Bruce Amey's (Chris Reznor) album is up on his site now, if you wanna check it out. The link is below. - Rob
July 23rd - Not really music related but... MANHUNT!
This sunday (25th) we shall convene at Park Lane at 1 O'Clock.  We will run through the rules and wait for people to come.  Manhunt is basically a giant game of hide and go seek.  Bring a friend!.  Trust noone!  Perhaps afterwards we can see a movie at the Al Fresco.  Bring an armband to differentiate yourself from regular folk.
On the music side the show has a hitch but we are trying to work it out quickly.
July 20th - The picture section is back with a vengance.  New photos from the Joel Show.  New Battle of the Bands pictures.  New City Wide Battle of the Bands pictures.  New Coffeehouse pictures.  New Nancy and Fillmore North pictures.  Never seen before shots and all your old favorites.
The Fillmore North Farewell Show featuring the Burdocks and more is tentatively scheduled for August 10th.  More information to come.  That means bigger letters and more hype from me.   - Josh
July 19th - The Letter Unfolds has a new site that is nearing completion.  Check it out at     - Josh
July 18th - Colin Robicheau has left The Letter Unfolds.  The Letter Unfolds sites gives the gruesome details of his departure/death (don't worry I saw him yesterday he isn't really dead).  Fillmore North has finished off what has been a good JazzFest on Sunday they went off to the Big Tent on Spring Garden.  They were also recording during their Little Red Schoolhouse performace(s).
A friend of the scene (a one Bruce Amey) has finished his master solo recording and is looking for willing instrumenteers to help him out with the project.  He says it can best be described as death-pop or pop-metal.  If your interested you can always check out or email:
Hope everyone else is having a good summer now that we are fully into gear.  Look out for more dates soon because the Letter Unfolds get shows like madcows.   - Josh
July 9th - Though I already posted this its worth another mention plus more details this time.  Fillmore North will be playing this years Jazz Festival.  They will be playing every day from July 10th to July 18th at the Old Red Schoolhouse.  They will be opening the beginningof each day whihc I believe is free (from 12-1) and then the charge is 5 dollars if you stay until 4.  Details on who they are playing with in the upcoming shows section.           - Josh
July 2nd - Canada Day has come and past but The Letter Unfolds brave on.  They have a show tomorrow playing Baystock (Mahone Bay), then the day after which shall be the 4th they head out to New Glascow to play with Sleeping In Cars, Shotgun Rules, and Farewll to Freeway.  Good luck to them.  If you can make the hike I suggest going.  I'm off to stand outside the Joel Plaskett tent and siphon his sweet necter.       - Josh


June 28th - Fun show last night. The info on that show, dubbed the "Youth band-fest", was incorrect here, but it doesn't really matter now, it was short notice. But either way, it was fun. Tantalloneers Fillmore North (sans Gabe), Twytch, and Audiggity played with the likes of Namasté, Suicide Hill and Resk (in their final performance). Hopefully the Woodlawn United Church will do more shows, it's nice.
But yeah, everyone should go to that Springfield Rec show, with Inversions, Letter Unfolds and Porcelain Gods.
Congrats to the Porcelain Gods on winning the Musicstop Show & Sale grand prize, an opening slot at the Marquee Club! They also have a demo in the works, being recorded at the prestegious (and grimey) Ultramagnetic Studios, aka The Mullet, located in the Khyber. Be on the lookout for that.
I'm adding May to the archives. wait, I already did. Sign the Guestbook. It's been dead since Robert Johnson posted.
Overlord Sinner will return!!! - Rob
June 26th/27th - Also Check out the Audity show tomorrow or in 2 minutes (which will be today!).  They will be playing with the Porcelain Gods and more.  The charge is 7 dollars at Prince Andrew High School.  Doors open at 6.  -Josh
New wordage on the show on June 29th.  The Letter Unfolds (formerly Cinderblock Romance) will be playing at this festivity of goodness.  SO CHECK IT OUT!
Tuesday June 29th,   $5  - The Letter Unfolds, Procelain Gods and many many more!
June 22nd - Ahoy mates, I just got struck with ambition/bordem (now how does that work?) and decided to put up a track from the big show on May 22nd.  You can check out Joel Plaskett performing his first song of the evening, Down at the Khyber under the Downloads page.  Enjoy!
And just to keep everyone on their toes, although I'll probably just bore everyone by continuing to bring up this phantom show... but look out for a big Tantallon bash in early August, details have yet to be finalized but when they are you shall be notified.
                                                                               - Matt
June 18th - Hey, all. Exams are over, so that leaves us with a lot of spare time. maybe even too much. But either way it gives us time to really start buckling down and getting things done around these parts. We're hoping to create another rock n' roll extravaganza within the next couple months, so check back for further updates. With the news out that Fillmore North officially breaking up for the year, on account of Zach and Gabe's fancy-schmancy schooling adventure in Montreal, we'd like to do something extra special to commerate their somewhat eventful year. Don't clear your calenders yet though, folks, nothing's finalized yet.
News on the Springfield Rec Center show, Audity isn't playing anymore, unfortunately. But still, people should go just to check out Tantallon adoptees the Porcelain Gods, who will rock your face off as always, plus Inversions, who some might remember form el Tone Deaf a couple months back, and Sleeping in Cars, who were the loud ones at Tumbleweed 4. Good stuff, all in all.
So yeah, I hope y'all have an excellent summer. We just might be putting an end to this tripod crappyness and getting a decent one somewhere else where the message board doesn't eat your posts. Hoorah. - Rob
June 13th - Fillmore North will be playing everyday from July 11th-16th at Noon at the Oldriver School House in Peggys Cove.  They are going to be opening for the acts in this years Atlantic Jazz Festival.  Who knows what mayhem could ensue.  So come on down and support the Fillmore North crew and stay for all that jazz.  Boy that was a good pun.  Rumor is their could a be a Tenor Sax guesting sometime and don't firgot about the homemade ice cream. 
In other new the hate mail section is being taken down because of popular request / it wasn't the smartest idea to come to our crack team of updaters.  Also upcoming is a planned show featuring Audity and honorary Tantallonites the Porcelain Gods. This is is going to be June 29th at the Springfield Rec Center.  - Josh
June 10th - We have added a new Hate Mail section which should prove to be very entertaining.  Keep the hate mail flowing folks.  In other news, Fillmore North stood up the SJA Awards Night in true Fillmore North fashion.  Good stuff guys.
June 7th -  Breaking news!!!  Cinderblock Romance has undergone a name change.  They are to be referred to as The Letter Unfolds.  Check out their site.  Same Guys New Name Same Site(basically)
Well Nancy played at Tumbleweed on Saturday and they brought the estimated 25 people there for their set to their knees.  Cinderblock Romance will be hopefully be playing a show in Cape Breton, Truro, or Antigonish.  One of those backwater places (yet I say this from tantallon).  Not to much new noise right now to talk about.  Anyone with pictures from Tumbleweed, the Joel Show or any event please send me anything you could.
- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Josh
June 5th - The article of "It Came From the Boonies I" that appeared in the Masthead News is now up in the Reviews and Articles section.  Anyone else who would still like to contribute by sending in a review of their own (doesn't have to be professional.... none of them are) that would be much appreciated.
                                                                                                  - Matt
June 3rd - The Masthead News just printed a full page article today (written by Matt and Josh) about our show on the 22nd. It offers a detailed perspective on how it all went down, and has some big pictures. We'll likely post it up on the articles section for y'all to enjoy. So yeah, try to get your hands on a copy if you're in the Tantallon area.
Go to Tumbleweed (shows section). And also download and print the posters for it. Please and Thank You. - Rob
June 1st - I added April and May to the archives section. While they're adjusting to the new environment, why don't you check uot the two posters for Tumbleweed in the Upcoming Shows section. And while you're at that, why don't you save them, print them off and paste them anywhere conceivable. Yeah, do that. - Rob


May 31st -  Well Eveeryone is still reeling from the Joel show and believe it or not we do have Fillmore North, Nancy and Fillmore North mp5's (thats twice as good as an mp3).  Anywho if you want them contact ol' Rob at .  The pictures have all been uploaded but please send me any you have.  Here check em out:
In other news (if you consider any of that news.  Salvation? has closed so you all missed your chance to play AA shows there.  The Pavillion is reportadly to reopen and TUMBLWEED is on its way.  Nancy will be appaearing along with The Dream Theory ( two SJA Alumni) both hailing from Tantallon.  It is this Saturday June 5th at the Sackville Landing (by the wave).  be there or be [  ]      - Josh  
May 23rd - As Josh said, the show went down pretty smoothly I thought.  The bands sounded great and you couldn't have asked for a better audience really and for that we are extremely appreciative of all those in attendance.  The show would have been a disaster without you guys.  All the sets were pretty seemless I thought, no major screwups, a few tiny technical errors but nothing that cause absolute mayhem.  Thumbs up on a job well done especially to F*nk You who didn't even know if they would get to play even one song let alone almost a half hour set.  Joel was really impressed with the crowd, all the bands and everything in general as were most people.  We did battle technical difficulties with the video camera but in the end we did get an interview with Joel, probably about 20 or 25 minutes worth I'd estimate so we'll get that transcribed as soon as we can and it will then find itself on the site.  Look forward to some new songs up for download soon, pictures from the big show and hopefully some reviews and also, be on the lookout for us in the next edition of the local paper The Masthead News. 
This isn't Tantallon Scene directly related but apparently the guys from RockinHalifax have been talking to the new manager of the Pavilion and this time, for real, the Pavilion will open up again.  No dates have been released on the issue and it probably won't open up in the coming weeks or anything like that but stay tuned.  Visit for any further updates.
                                                                             - Matt
May 23rd - Well the show went down without much of a hitch.  Everyone seemed to have fun and Joel Plaskett was absolutely amazing.  If you missed it you missed the best show in Downtown Tantallon in memory.  So now we are going to have a review soon enough from anyone and everyone, a bunch of pictures and an interview with Joel that has nothing to do with anything.  Regardless woohoo!
Now that the show is out of the way we are getting ready to move to an updated version of this site.  Look for that soon.  - Josh
May 17th - The day of the show approaches faster and faster.  If some how you have never heard Joel Plaskett you can hear a stream of his 2nd album "Down at the Khyber here:

In other news Overlord Sinner has released their EP which is available on request, and a new radio site has popped up called . Hopefully the new site will be up after we have all this Joel stuff over with.  -Josh
May 12th - JOEL PLASKETT!!! keeping that on everyones minds (check the shows page).  Well the coffee house has gone by with great success, everyone seemed to have a good time.  In depth coverage to come plus some pictures  The night after that barn raising show everyone who was anyone headed out to Dartmouth to see the Battle of the Bands which was won by Sir John A.'s own Fillmore North.  Congrats to them.  Audity also played a rousing show and Heather sang as well. Please send me pictures of either event (especially the battle). 
Well hopefully more to come soon and please go to this Joel show and help me poster the world.  Spread the good word of Joel Plaskett and you can be Another Life Changed by Joel Plaskett. - Josh
Also May 12 - For those of you wondering the bands in order of appearance this is how it shakes down:
Cinderblock Romance
Fillmore North
Barrin Pularrin
The Porcelain Gods
Joel Plaskett
So that's where that stands and that is a solid in stone list and it shall forever be as it is(or is it....).  And for those of you who have checked out Joel's current tour page and noticed that just about everything about the show is wrong... don't believe it, the info on this site is the true stuff, just a little mixup on the mends.  So for a brief amount of time TantallonScene is more official than Joel Plaskett's site, yowza!  Hope to see you there, and remember... Keep on Yarrrin' on the High Seas                                                                
                                                                                 - Matt
May 9th - Okay this has been under wraps since Decemeber but we (Me and Matt Peters and a bit later Rob) have finally come through.
Yeah that is right Joel Plaskett will be playing the Tantallon area. Here are the details:

Joel Plaskett (solo acoustic)
Porcelain Gods (as of yet)
Fillmore North
Barrin Pularin
Cinderblock Romance


Saturday May 22nd


2pm-8pm  (doors open at 1:30)


The Bay Road Fire Hall (Lewis Lake)

How Much

Ok so its The Bay Road Fire Department.
If you are coming from town you are going to want to take the 103, get off at Exit 4 and go left towards Hubley. You keep going straight and if you see the entrance to Sir John A you are going the right way. Keep going and you will come upon the Bay Road Fire Hall and see the sign Rob was talking about and you are set. It is a big red and white building.

So all of this subject to change but thats the dilly as of right now. The Fire Hall has a maximum capacity of 150. Please feel free to make posters with all ths info and post them around or even send them to me and I will post them here and around places.  This is not 100 percent definate, we have a few mior details to work out but get ready and save up that money. - Josh "Aberdeen East" Salter
p.s. what terrible Nirvana Halifax joke...

May 6th - Holy Crap!  Audity and Nancy have both made it into the final 8 of the "Your Big Break" Musicstop promotional contest.  Both bands will be getting a one one one session with Joel Plaskett.  The winner of the contest will get a shot to play the Marquee.  Best of luck to both bands, the winner will be announced between the 10th and the 17th.  Also Cinderblock Romance has added a new element to their sound.  Kirk Snair will be squealing onstage with them now.
Ok if that new wasn't big enough a new peice of news can be put together with those names as to a possible event.  Coming soon.
May 4th - I updated the shows section so everyone here has the sweet and lo-down.  Remember this coffee house has proceeds most likely split between the school and WARR so at least half your money is going to a good cause.  I jest, I jest.  So the day after the coffee house you can head on over to Tone Deaf, and then on friday Pulp Fiction at the Oxford.  What does that have to do with music you ask?  Well not much but its a great movie that everyone should see.  It also was the movie that brought Dick Dale's surf classic "Miserlou" to the mainstream after the song appeared as the opening theme to Pulp Fiction.  Yeah I went off topic....   -  Josh
I must add, for all you who are easily star-struck, go to Tone Deaf just to see Halifax's Idol, Gary Beales, who's judging! (no kidding.) - Rob
May 2nd - I relaized today I haven't posted since I got back from "Sunny Florida".  Well I thought I'd let everyone know that Mr Cailean O' Lewis of Nancy has recorded his follow up to the Slim Cailean EP.  It is entitled "The Slim Cailean EP 2: The Electric Bugaloo".  How witty.  Anywho today also marks the end of Nancy's demo recording. 
In other news OVERLORD SINNER's debut album drops this summer tentatively titled "The Underlings are Sinners Too".  Lock up your small dogs and infants...    - J to the Osh to the Oh My Gosh!
May 1st - Well, if you hadn't found out already, Audity earned the title of "Best Western" (I made that up) at the Halifax West Battle of the Bands. By two votes, no less. But yeah, that's two Tantallonscene listed bands off to Tone Deaf, the metro battle, those two being the forementioned and Fillmore North. Rawk. So just letting you all know, Tone Deaf will be Tuesday, May 11th, at Prince Andrew High School, although I don't know when and I don't know how much. I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile what I DO know is the SJA Coffee House is infact Monday, May 10th, at 6:30pm, at SJA (in the PAL room again, i'll assume), and I believe it's still 2 bucks admission, as far as I know. At least it's back on again. Should be quite nice. Everybody go.
So yeah, I'd write a West Battle article, but I guess my opinion is forfeit since I was in the band that won, so if anyone who was there cares to do one, go ahead, and email teh document to either  me or Josh, si vous plait. - Rob


April 26th - Two more bands on the West Battle roster: Spectral Locomotive and Deviance will be playing along with Audity and The Down Theory. It all starts at 7 00pm, not 7 30. $3 without cans, $2 with cans, yadig? It's on the Shows page.
And it's Horsman, not Horseman, FYI.
April 25th - So I guess Josh isn't going to miss the coffee house after all. As all SJA-ers (minus Josh and probably Jennah) heard, those drunkards at Student Council (minus Aaron) were caught on the sauce, so now all student council actuvities, plus coffee house, have been cancelled until further notice. What especialy bites about this is, the one council member who wasn't at the dance (as far as i know, they did say "98%" were guilty, but yes, i mean Aaron) was the one council member who was helping with the Coffee House, and i'm sure he wasn't even using any council money. So yeah, on tuesday, give the Prinicipal hell about it, everybody, please?
And the Free the Children Benefit that I failed to tell everyone about went of really well. Audity played along with a bunch of downtown bands, including Raygunomics, Porcelain Gods and my new friends the Melophobics. I haven't head yet on how much was made, but judging by the impressive outcome, I'm sure they did very well.
I'm going to upload some pics that Martin sent me from the SJA Battle of the Bands. They don't suck.
Which reminds me. There's a West Battle of the Bands this wednesday. As far as i know so far, there's at least two bands in it, Audity and The Down Theory (Intentional Sin). The zanyness starts at 7 30, and it costs 3 bucks without a canned food item, 2 bucks with. Should be good, if there's more then two bands. Like really, if you're at the West, and you're reading this, seriously dude, get some bands at your school. You've got three times the population of John A, and like 10% the number of bands. Madness!
And as a footnote, we're gonna soon be having a big move soon, away from Tripod. Devin Horseman's helping us out with a new site that doesn't suck nearly as much as this one does now. It's going to be great when it's done.
April 13th - Today I added a new Barrin Pularin song which was formerly called Toy Box, now it will be known as Umbrella Wars.  The pictures still are no up because 1- They suck and 2- Rob hasnt put them up.  So hopefully that will change.  Attack of the Coffee Houses!  That means the SJA one is coming up and the Halifax West one (Audity will be participating) is tommorrow night at 7.  Bring 3 dollars if you plan on getting into the show.  Also the Free the Children Benifet Show is happening on the 24th.
In other news Cailean (of Nancy) who released his Slim Cailean EP indepently, is busy recording his followup (I sound disturbingly serious).  Look in the links section and you will see Gabe and Colin's sites...    - Josh
April 5th - I finally updated the Nancy bio and got rid of the A Rock Band section of the bands page. I also added March to the archives. I'm going to add some pics from the Battle of the Bands sometime. We have some alright shots, but we need better ones, so if anyone has good pics from la Bataille then please let me or Josh know, so we can put it up on the site. We'd probably give a photography credit on the page, but no money, sorry.
Oh, and once i get the Battle video from Matt Rockett I'm gonna rip some audio from it and post some mp3s. Should be good.
Oh, and expect a Nancy demo soon. - Rob
April 4th - Well it is the fourth (barely), and I bring you the first review as done by the inSPITEful Matt Peters.  Yes I am very punny.  I am venturing into Rob territory so I will stop.  Anyway I had  review almost done when my computer died so it may be awhile.  Pictures are coming as soon as Rob gets them all.
Also check out the new poll.  -Josh
April 1st - So if you missed the battle of the bands than man you missed out.  It went down well and I'm pretty sure everyone who came left pretty fulfilled.  Third Place came A New Tomorrow, Second Place went to Nancy, and 1st Place ended up going to Fillmore North.  In depth review from myself and probably Matt Peters, and maybe even Rob coming soon enough.  I have a lot of pictures but they all pretty dark, pixelated, blurry, you name it so if anyone has any pictures or something to add about the show please send it to me.  Good luck to Fillmore North on their journey to the next competition.  Check back in the upcoming days because I think their will be a fair amount of new stuff coming. - Josh


March 30th - As the competition gets closer the band list is being whittled down.  Well according to my insider Robert Drisdelle, Rust in Peace and X are apparently no longer in the competition.  The matchups look like this:
Barrin Pularin vs Fillmore North
A New Tomorrow vs Nancy
Twytch vs Cinderblock Romace
So remember bring your money to school and buy those tickets for 5 dollars or you will have to pay 7 dollars at the door.      - Josh
March 29th - Forchizzle Bizzle its the CindizzleBizzle Romizzle sizzle. So basically Cinderblock Romance has just become technology friendly and gotten themselves a site.  They have utilized the web and harnessed its power.  You can check their website at . It is now in the link section for further reference.
So the brackets for the Battle of the Bands are as follows
Bracket 1:                           Bracket 2                        Bracket 3
Fillmore North                 Cinderblock Romance             Nancy
Barrin Pularin                         Twytch                 A New Tomorrow
       X                                Rust in Peace                 Freedom 35
From some reason Freedom 35 is in bracket 3 as guests since Joey and the Cronies dropped out.  So Get your tickets in advance for 5 dollars.
March 28th - Hello again. Just saying that the SJA/TJH Jazz Festival show at Wrangler's was awesome, although i was only there for the SJA set and Fillmore North up until the end of "Where were you when I wrote this groove?". If you guys are reading this, record that damn song, it's freaking brilliant. If anyone who saw the whole thing wants to write a review, do so please, then email me or Josh.
Anyway, I'm gonna soon add the dates for the SJA and Halifax West coffee houses. SJA's is gonna be acoustic, due to suckyness in the last one, as some may recall. The West, rather, will be electric, but soft electric, I believe. Audity's involved, too, along with a few West ones. Gonna be fun. - Rob
March 27th - Yo all. Me and Mr. Rockett were jamming tonight, and we demo'd a couple new songs. How 'bout that? Barrin Pularin - with originals... Whoa...
But yeah, I'm gonna post them now. Thye should be up about about 5 minutes after this post. We used midi drum loops that I made in like 2 minutes each. too much fun. Enjoy. - Rob
March 25th - Info for two new shows up in the Shows section. There's a show put on by local jazz bands at Wrangler's Roadhouse on Sunday, and Fillmore North is treating the crowd to a performance. Should be great.
Also, I'll add that the SJA battle of the Bands is next Thursday, the 1st, and it's only 5 bucks, so come one, come all. Click on the Shows section for mo' info' mofos.
I'm gonna put up a new poster at school, check it out. - Rob
March 14th - So its march break, I am running on 2 hours of sleep and my voice is almost no exsistent.  Looking through back issues of the coast I came across a few memorable link for anyone interested in reliving the build up to the let down that was the concert in the parking lot.
Notable mistakes in the article: It says only Resk and Twytch had peformed outside of school.  Firestorm, Karpetface and  A New Tomorrow had all played a show before the article was written.  Karpetface was also spelled with a C.  Oh I love the coast and you should too.  Yeah if this doesn't scream bored I'm not sure what does...      - Josh
March 13th - News on your friends in Rust in Peace.  They now have a new guitarist.  Ryan Jewells is taking on some guitar duties in the aforementioned band.  Anyone with any pictures or articles just send em over.  And go to the forum and sign the guestbook. <---- What I just said in the last sentance was used to make this look like a substantial piece of news but really its all just fluff.  A lot of what you read here is fluff but whatever.  - Josh 
March 10th - I just got some news from Auyon that the Free The Children benefit will likely be held April 17th, not sure what time yet. This is the same date as Tumbleweed 4, the free all ages outdoor concert that is held three times a year downtown, but this is subject to change. Oh, and the SJA Battle of the Bands will be held April 1st, there are 8 bands involved, Judges include Freedom 35, the winner is entered in the Metro Battle of the Bands at Prince Andrew, and will have their entrance fee paid for. Should be a time. You gots all that? - Rob
(The wee hours of) March 7th - I'm kinda bored, kinda tired, so I archived February's posts. You know, something to do. Look forward to a week of very little scene news in Tantallon and area. For now all i've got to say is that Westrock, the Halifax West music showcase is being recorded over these weeks, and Audity is being included. Other Westers include Facedown (who have a nifty website, I can't remember what the URL is...) and Intentional Sin. Should be alright. man the West has nice gear... - Rob
March 3rd - I updated the pictures on the Fillmore North photo page (I aughta change the title too, shouldn't I...), and there's a whole whack of them now. So for the SJA Battle of the Bands, all the bands that tried out made it, which, well, I don't exactly know how many, I know Twytch, Nancy, Cinderblock Romance, Fillmore North and Barrin Pularin are in for sure. It's going to be on April 1st (not even foolin'), but no one has figured outthe format for the show yet, except it's all in one hard rockin' night.
Next week is the Metro High School Coffee House. It's Wednesday night at 6:30pm at the QEH auditorium (Robie St. entrance), and it's $5 to get in. Everybody go, it's gonne be a hoot. - Rob


Feb 29th - "Its almost that time of the year again. Remember that FREE, 3 part, out door, all ages, music fiasco that happened last year. Well were doing it again, and your band could play.
E-mail me at and well see what we can do. Mp3s are nice too."
Mention that once more a bit clearer... is a local label that is willing to produce buttons and t shirts.  Thought I'd give that amention.  Nothing really new.  I may as well go back to sleep.  - Josh
Feb 20th - The Free The Children benefit concert has been postponed to a later date.  It is still on just not right now due to the state of emergency the city is in.  Oh and The MZGJ Super Funk-o-vision Extraterrestrials are now know as Fillmore North.  So stay inside for awhile and enjoy some hot chocolate and neighbours getting heart attacks from shivelling their driveways...
-Josh (taking inspiration from Rob)
Feb 19th - Man the snow has been killer.  Up to my thighs even.  Anyway for any of those bands who need to play shows stop on by
and express your intrest in playing Tumblweed.  For anyone not aware this is free little event that happens every so often.  Bands from the HRM come and play to show what they have to offer.  Past shows have had acts like Blackout 77, Dead Red, King Konqueror, Maximum Rock n' Roll and so on... 
Feb 18th - So here is the newest of news... Firestorm is looking for a vocalist who can scream if needed.  Talk to Adam Morash if interested.  I have no idea what his e-mail is so try .  Older news I'm not sure if anyone said it but A Rock Band is no longer around.  Twytch might be changing their name to Swytch, after a mediocre joke.
Planning is going about so be ready for stuff...or not.  How vague is that?  The Band section is now updated a bit.  The forum is starting to take off a somewhat, from the 1 week spans of noone posting.  Anyone who wants to get invloved with anything contact me or Rob.   - Josh
Feb 14th - Well, an interesting couple of days in the scene. First off, SJA Twytch got an (ineveitable) email and forum posting from the american Twytch, informing them of the fact that they have the name copyrighted and couldnt afford to have record types get the two bands mixed up. So the Twytch site has been taken down, and a new one will come up once they change their name.
Now for you aimless crawlers of downtown, if you didn't know already, the Vogue Theatre/Club Red on Gottigen is now toast. So, starting with what was going to be the St. Valentine's Day Massacre show tonight, all the all ages shows that were scheduled are cancelled and the all ages scene is once again in a coma, until the club moves. The worst part is, just yesterday, before they found aspestos in the walls while renovating (the reason the fire marshall said "shut 'er down mateys"), Audity were asked to open up for a surprise all ages Joel Plaskett show. Like Holy Cow.
Well, at least there's the following weekend. On the 21st of February, there's going to be an all ages benefit concert at Halifax Grammer for Free the Children, a not-for-profit organization that builds schools in 3rd world countries. Show starts at 8:00pm and runs untill 11:00pm. Admission is 5 clams advanced, or 8 at the door. Acts inlude Resk, Audity, Aid, Hydra and lots more. Come on out, it's for a great cause. I put it up on the Upcoming Show page, FYI.
Prey for the music. - Rob
Feb 10th - Well this is sort of old I just have been to lazy to say it.  The replacement for Ben Forhan formerly the bassist for Karpetface is none other than Kirk Snair of Finding Emo.  Handicapped is no longer a band but they have pretty much become Rust In Peace.
Bad news for any bands signed up for the talent show.  Apparenly anyone participating can be in only one band.  This leaves about half the bands in the school without Rob hehe. Seriously though since half the people in one band play in another this puts a few bands in a predicament. 
One more little note, any bands who are trying to get a show of some sort should go to .  That is probably the best palce to get any info.  Hopefully they will be hosting another Tumbleweed event soon. 
Feb 5th - So yeah, the SJA Idol thing is moving along. Scott from ANT and Stef Brown are both in the 3rd round from what I hear. There's a tryout for SJA Battle of the Bands towards the end of the months, so look for info on who's involved straight from the red carpet when that comes around.
Someone stuffed the poll with a shat-load of votes for Nancy. As much as I appreciate the support, we'd kinda like an unbiased poll. I guess we'll put a new one in when BOTB comes around. So, no ballot stuffing.
I heard that Ben is going to do a TJH talent show with Karpetface one last time before heading off for good soon. Should be good.
And sign the Josh darned (yes, I meant Josh) guestbook if you haven't yet. Just so I know you all exist. - Rob


Jan 28th - Apparently the situation is that Ben is no longer in Karpetface but Lee is still part of the band.  No news on what the situation on their bass is.  The band is not broken up apparently.  Rust in Peace is still happening though.
In other news The Jesus "Funk" Christ Locomotion Machine is willing to play parties. If you have a party you wish for them to play your party email  I also have a few pics from a party they played soon to come in the picture section.
I might put up a new page for bands that are no longer around.   - Josh
Jan 24th - Hey all 3 people who check our site regularly. I was talking to Adam Hersey today (of Handicapped and Nancy infame), who started up a new band today. They're call Rust in Peace (isn't that a Megadeth album?) and they consist of Adam on guitar and vocals, Matt Kaiser on drums, Ben Forhan and Lee Stanhope (of Karpetface) on bass and guitar (as in Lee-guitar and yadayada). Expect goodness. They will write their own music.
Sorry to all who hang on our every word, but due to a lack of new in the Tantallon music scene (as expected) we don't get to update as often as we like. But I hope that'll change soon. When it does, we'll be there (cue Access Tantallon theme).
I think I'm going to make a news archive page so this one doesn't end up so bloody long. - Rob
Jan 18th - Ok got some good news for the bands but first...  Their is a rumor I am hearing about Nancy getting a second guitar player.  Apparently their are talks between certain camps and such.
Good news for all those bands with nowhere to play. Their will be All Ages gigs available from 1:00 to 3:00 starting February at Salvation?.  Salvation? is a venue located on Agricola street.  If you are interested I encourage you to call 420-9393.  The one setback is that since their are residents nearby the shows can not be excessively loud.  No idea on the availability of the shows but knowing the lack off All Ages venue I'd call soon.
Jan 16th - Check out the downloads section two new tracks up both little recordings by Neil of Audity.  Made some minor changes to the Cinderblock Romance bio.
The poll is flooded with votes for Funkaholics Unanimous and Kareptface in second.  Interesting tidbit i searched Tantallon scene and this site came up.  So we are on google somwhere in the midst off this big online universe    - Josh 
Jan 14th - Today I added Cinderblock Romance to the band list.  Get this, they don't have Rob in their ranks!  Anyway thats the only real news.  1 or 2 new articles coming soon from Adam Hersey and another person.
There may be another show in the works but I can't say much right now since theres not much to say.  Rob is converting all the pictures into clickable thumbnails (slowly), so pages load better and aren't so big.  Sign the guestbook its at the bottom of the page...  -Josh
Jan 11th - Barely the 11th though.  Anyway down to buisness, the whole site has been restructured.  The deletion of the writings section and the cool picture of the dogs.  You can figure it out for yourself pretty much, the old reviews are now in the review/ article section.
  Matt Peters offered his opinionated recap of the Talent Show which is up and I will write one soon enough.  Their is no real breaking news, the Bella Muse closed in town which means one less venue.  Apparently the boys in Twytch are going to set up another show if their is no SJA battle of the bands.  That's it for now...  - Josh
Jan 8th/9th - Couldn't decide when I should date this because when i finish writing it it will be the next day.  Anyway the Talent Show went off and went smoothly.  Finding Emo was what I already heard(the name is another story). Anyway their should be a nice little description of that up soon.
In the writings section I put up a poll on which band you like best.  Go take it now!  Alex Mitchell is no longer part of the hard rock machine that is Karpetface.  The first article in the Review section(with some edits) will be in the WARR magazine distributed at school along with more stuff on social rights and enviromental issues.
Hopefully some new stuff up soon.  - Josh
Jan 5th - Yeah, New Year. We have an actual date for that talent show. It's on the Upcoming Show page. Starts at 7pm this Thursday. Go early for the art auction. Hope to see you (or somebody) there. -Rob
Vote for Matt Peters.

December/November 2003

Dec 29th - Hopefully everyone had a Happy Festive Holiday of their choosing. Added 3 New Audity pictures today.  Even though it is the holidays I have a bit of new news .  Audity has penned 4 more songs, titles include "In Your Eyes", "Ramification Guarantee", "Truth of the Lie". and "Mr Fishie".  Lyrics can be found on their site. 
Further info on the Twytch recording, probably 5 of the 6 Twytch songs will be featured and their own arrangements of Pink Floyd's "The Wall Part 1-3" - Josh
Dec 23rd - Well, it's almost X-mas and Chanukah is half over, so there will be a deficet of partyness for a while, sauf que New Yaers. No real shows going on in Tantallon and surrounding area as far as I know, but I hope this new year will bring all sorts of good music out our way. I added a link to the Audity site. There's a band I know of in Timberlea who have a site, but their name escapes me. Must find Ridgecliff talent show program... - Rob
Dec 18th - BREAKING NEWS!!!  No idea why I used caps but recently announced, sometime in the new year Twytch will be recording.  Apparently a demo maybe be in the works. Absolutlely know clue on what is going on with the talent show.  On request from a one Gabriel Beale of the Band formerly know as Jazz, their bio has changed a bit.  in the words of Joe Strummer FUNK OUT!  They are now referred to as a Funk band.  So check it out because it is right out of the horses(Gabe's) mouth.  No idea what is happening with the talent show and the long winter break means any activity will slow. - Josh
Dec 15th - Due to the weather the Talent Show has been postponed.  Apparently Finding Emo is A New Tomorrow + Kurt but I am not sure how reliable my source is. Added a bit to the Talent Show section thats about it. Well anyway not that much new but check out the Audity picture page.  Editorial cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon drew a nice little picture of Audity.
Check his cartoons out:
Dec 11th - 3 days later and I can fufill pretty much none of what I said.  I am going to put up Twytch  MP3 when the record new ones.  Until then you can always check their original and covers at
Myles Fillmore is a replacement act, give me a break thats dumb. Some band is playing with a guys name and then Experience after it...  Well anyway the talent show is coming up and anyone who has any idea what "Finding Emo" is please e-mail me.  Oh and expect a Karpetface website soon. - Josh

Dec. 8th - Tomorrow their should be a full listing of the talent show.  Notice the word full used in proper context instead of using "among others".  Also added to the band page "Self Serve".  Hopefully we should have a Twytch MP3 up soon.  - Josh
Updated shows page. Full talent show details and Christmas concert details are listed. Oh and by the way, use our fricking message board. - Rob
Dec 7th - After a long uneventful day of watching "The Wedding Singer" and wallowing in 80s music, I decided to add a message board.  Still trying to work out the bugs with the site, because the mp3's are eating up a lot of room.  That should be taken care of pretty quickly. - Josh
Dec 6th - Hey all, sign the guestbook please. We might even put up a message board if enough people on here every day. - Rob Driz
Dec 5th -   I added an Audity and Joey and the Cronies page though.  If images on the site aren't workin than yeah I predict as much... Oh and the site has added us to their link page. Yahooie... - Josh
  Tiz the Driz! Rob that iz.  I've joined on as another webmaster for the site to keep josh in line. I'm gonna help with everything he does as for as editing and pics and all that crud. Yes, I'm in about 5274 bands. And My name is spelled Drisdelle. Gimme an email if you want me to add anything.
Dec 4th - Put up a picture page for a New Tomorrow and replaced the small band picture.  I also put up a thing on A Rock Band in the band section.  Corrections oh god corrections... - Josh
Dec 3rd almost 4th - I put up a Handicapped picture page.  I also added a little bit of nothing to the writing section(expect something soon), added a few links, and probably some random other stuff inbetween all that. -Josh
Dec 3rd - fixed "Unrelated" because it was mistakently "Try" on download page.
Dec 1st - added a little overview of the concert at the rink, added some pictures in the band page and a Nancy picture page. - Josh
Nov 29th - Today I put up an mp3 by Audity and 2 by Cailean Lewis of Nancy.  I also put up a page for the Myles, Justin, Zach and Gabe Jazz Band. - Josh
So here is the dilly-o.  If this site gets off the ground, (god knows I never get through making these) it will serve to better and provide knowledge about the Tantallon and surrounding area scene.
Lame Idea yes but I will go through with it.

It's easy to be easy and free...

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