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Tantallon Scene
The Scene - Spotlight: Audity
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Audity vs Stabilo? Not in the forseeable future.


           After playing together for 2 years Audity has progressed from a band who played sets almost entirely composed of Weezer covers to a well oiled machine of rock.  Audity who were part of the final 8 selected for MusicStop's Your Big Break contest, plan on getting a new demo done in the near future and hope to record a record over the summer. "Our older stuff was more formulaic rock were our new stuff is more mathy." says multi-instrumentalist Rob Drisdelle, naming major influences ranging from Weezer, The Burdocks, Jazz and believe it or not... Slipknot.  In the past the band has played a few shows with Joel Plaskett and the Porcelain Gods, and more recently opened for The Salads.

            Audity had recorded an earlier demo at drummer Jamison McKinnon's house, but Rob is quick to point out that they don't play those songs live any longer.  After recording the demo which was for the most part made up of songs written by Neil McPhee, the songwriting has basically been split down the middle. Of course, what band is complete without a feud?  Rob has voiced his disdain for the band Stabilo.  "We are going to take their spotlight and play anthems about normal things.".  Stay tuned to the ongoing story of Audity to find out if Stabilo fires back.

Taken from "The Scene" Issue 01 - Volume 01 - 01 March 2005

Audity: clever name or crime against puns?

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