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Tantallon Scene
Cailean Lewis - From Dusk till Dawn
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    Don't let the title of Cailean's new collection of home recordings fool you, it has little in common with the Led Zeppelin album sporting the same name.  The fourth CD he has put together features more of the same introspective songwriting on the first three but strips down some of the rock on the earlier works. 
     "Every Passing Day" combines an epic riff, and a desperate voice with Cailean's ability to conjure up vivid images.  Not to break with tradition, Cailean pulls out the harmonica for a few tracks and shows his skill on the ol' mouth harp.  One of the standout tracks, "Clarity" is a quiet call for help complete with competing guitar tracks.  Where the opening track "Dusk" plays with the night sky, the closer it is coupled with, "Dawn" has opening guitar lines you could easily see the sun coming up to. 
    This album shys away from a lot of the rockier early material you may have heard Cailean play with Nancy.  In the end the album is a dark look at life and the changes that come with it.

Tantallon Scene