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Tantallon Scene
The Letter Unfolds - Dissappointment at its Best
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Kirk Wails, Kyle Impales


           In less then a year the Letter Unfolds has become one of the biggest bands in Halifax's All Ages scene.  They have played all over the city and throughout the province gaining a sizeable fan base in the process.  Their shows at the Pavilion and the Box time and time again pack the venues from wall to wall.  Most of Sir John A had their first brush with the band last year during our school's Battle of the Bands, when the band was still going under the alias Cinderblock Romance.  Since then more has changed then just their name.  The Letter Unfolds went through a number of lineup changes, losing Patrick Faye on guitar and replacing him with Danny Hornsby.  Soon afterwards, Colin Robicheau left his bass duties and was temporarily replaced by Myles Fillmore before Pat rejoined the band on bass.  Pat has since been replaced with none other then original bassist, Colin Robicheau.  "Well, he was always an amazing friend of the band, and he is a very talented and intelligent musician, he expressed interest in rejoining the band, so we scooped him up as fast as we could", said Kyle Sparks about Colin rejoining. 

            The Letter Unfolds have also changed musical direction since their inception.  Often labeled "screamo", and compared to Alexisonfire, Kyle says they have turned away from the original sound.  "I think people are noticing us more now for being the letter unfolds, not another screamo band.".  The boys of The Letter Unfolds have played shows with the likes of Shotgun Rules, Farewell to Freeway and the Fully Down and their "home boyz", 52 Minutes.  In fact 52 Minutes will be taking them on a mini tour towards the end of March that will take them out of the province and into PEI.  The band continues to play shows and make new fans but their have been haters along the way.  One show reviewer from the Dal Gazette compared their show to having sulfuric acid poured in their ears.

            The band has recently recorded a demo in an old warehouse of all places, which they are selling at their shows.  When they return from PEI they will be heading to a local promoters party at the Pavilion on the 26th.  With an energetic live show, a growing fan base and an arsenal of songs The Letter Unfolds will continue to be a band to watch.

Alllllright, that's what I want right there.

Tantallon Scene