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Tantallon Scene

Zach Frampton

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I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. - Zach Frampton


The return of one Zachary Frampton shall be heralded as on of the most triumphant happenings in the history of local music.  In honor of the important event a full page shall be erected shoddily.  Fillmore North, who have been drummerless since Zach's departure, shall come off their hiatus and take back their rightful place on the throne.
Zach has been an avid fan of music all of his life, showing early signs of greatness by figuring out how to play the Simpsons theme song on his keyboard.  He also excelled at both baseball and hockey, giving his support to both the Expos and the Canadiens of Montreal.  As his tastes grew so did his musical ability.  Graduates of Tantallon Jr. High might remember one such sock hop where bigtime drummer Jon Alphonse of the John Alphonse Big Band, asked Zach to step in for him.  Zach wooed the crowd purveying the finest beats the school has seen since. 
Zach was also at one point part of the Canadian Primos, Los Primos' Canadian Cousins.  This musical trade off with Cuba was just another endevour that shaped the musical career of Zach thus far.  Zach has jammed with many a band, putting in time with Jazz, Funk, Rock, Latin and his secret passion Grindcore.  Eventually he helped form the power group that fans would later recognize as Fillmore North.  Through early beginnings jamming at the Old Red School House to winning the local and Citywide battle of the bands.  You've come a long way baby!
At the end of the 2003-2004 school year Zach shocked the general public by announcing his departure to Montreal to attend Vanier with Fillmore North bassist Gabe Beale.  The summer would be a bittersweet one for funk fanatics.  Fillmore North played a successful (and delicous if you tatsted the ice cream) string of shows at the Old Red School House as part of the Atlantic Jazz Festival.
The new school year started and we were all sad that Gabe and Zach were no longer with us.  But wait!  My Canadian Literature class had an extremely eccentric tall frizzy haired man who answered to Gabe.  What had happened?  Well Zach was still toughing it out in Montreal and Gabe was back in the middle of nowhere.  Zach was still taking the long day long ride to school on public transportation and learning countless hours of music theory and probably Judo.
 The following is a quote from an Alastair McLoud novel...
"Once you start it takes a hold of you, once you drink underground water,
you will always come back to drink some more. The water gets in your blood."
I guess that is true if you replace underground with the word underground with Halifax County and apply it to where we reside as opposed to Cape Breton.  Either way it rings true.
Now it is late November and word is out that Zach is coming back.  Fillmore North has finally put out their CD and it has been well recieved.  We start the wait for his arrival.  Only another 23 days(approximately) to go.

Any false information falsafied by Josh Salter November 28th 2004.

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