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Battle of the Bands by Matt Peters
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Wow, Student Council did something right. The Battle of the Bands was a grand success and couldnt have gone any better. You wont hear me say this a lot but each band sounded good to spectacular. Obviously A New Tomorrow is not my cup of tea, but then again I dont drink tea and I like good music.

Barrin Pularin lead off the show with a highlight performance by Mr. Rockett and after the face solo I think the judges should have given him much more credit instead of being stoned out of their mind saying stupid crap like "yah man I dag that.was it original?" Anyone who claims that Matt faked that face solo should be slapped and sent back to their momma. Grand job guys! Freedom 35 didnt give you near the amount of credit as deserved.

Cinderblock Romance played their first show together but definitely not the first for most of its members. Of course they did not disappoint and were even better than I thought they were going to be. Their sound was quite spectacular and of the bands that didnt make it to the top 2 it was Cinderblock Romance who I wished I could have heard more of. The effects were excellent and fit very well. Freedom 35 can go to hell because Cinderblock Romance showed 40 times more talent than A New Tomorrow did and they definitely should have came in third. As for the judge whining about only seeing your back, hes just a fool I thought it was fine and I think everyone was feeling the "energy".

Twytch did a good job as well. They actually surprised me and raised their bar of expectations with their performance. Lukes screams, well everyones heard enough about that. What got me about his screams was the first song, how high his voice went. Holy god! It was ape. The two originals they performed were impressive but if you ask me the "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" cover wasnt all that good and probably dropped their stock a bit. Overall though I was impressed but they werent top 3 material by any means.

One band that was in the top 3 but shouldnt have been yes I am talking about A New Tomorrow. A New Tomorrow, where to begin or perhaps even where to end. Well, they played 2 songs by Bli- or umm, themselves. Originals I guess they were I couldnt really make out what they were saying in between songs over people getting emotional and crying. Freedom 35 gave them a lot of credit and I must admit for what they play they are good at it. Whether that means they play shitty music well so they suck or that they can play their style well and are good I will leave up to you. Overall they didnt really do anything to impress me except how much one person can cry.

Now time for the top two bands. And heres a big surprise, the judges picked the right two for the honour. NANCY! And FILLMORE NORTH! These two played amazing first sets and when it came time to announce the top two bands moving on to the final I dont think there was any surprise. Fillmore North won over the judges by their natural amazing groove-tastic talent. Nancy rocked out and kicked ass to the limit and showed their great song writing skills with amazing lyrics and perfect melodies to suit them. When it comes down to a show down I dont think any music fan could have asked for a better one.

Nancy played last amongst the first 6 and then first in the final showdown. So back-to-back sets (most people didnt pay attention to Freedom 35) turned the place into the Nancy show for a while with Caileans solo acoustic song the place became Caileanville. Once again the originals struck everyone in awe and the Inbreds cover was just amazing and thats extra amazing considering Josh didnt even know the song that much. Infact, I was more satisfied with Nancys performance than I would have been if the roof opened up and a giant class of milk and huge mighty fine chocolate chip cookies placed themselves next to me. After Caileans acoustic song I was actually convinced that Nancy was actually going to win. If so, I know Cailean would have shit his pants and Tim would have sucked him off. So now that Ive disgusted you all for no reason lets move on to Fillmore North.

Fillmore North, what to say. As always they whipped out their amazing groove-tastic talent and impressed the socks off of the crowd and Freedom 35. It was exactly what I expected from them and no one was disappointed with them at all. They played the ears off of everyone with most originals or original-covers or whatever you would call it. Myles whaled on his guitar like he can (which no one else can match) and as always it was just simply terrific. Zach launched a drum solo that just made have sealed the judges mind on their winner. Justin and Gabe showed their great talents switching back and forth from guitar to bass all night long without flaw. Fillmore North is the tightest most all around sound band I have ever seen and deserve every compliment they get.

So for those of you that were not there and do not know the outcome here is how it went down. The top 2 bands, Nancy and Fillmore North played for about 15 minutes each I guess, I wasnt keeping track of time. Nancy played first and for a while sent the crowd into a Nancy frenzy and probably surprised the crap out of most since it was only Caileans second show ever. Two originals including a solo acoustic by Cailean with an Inbreds cover squeezed in between had a lot of people thinking that they will be announced champions at the end of the nights. After a crowd formed to sit in front of the stage to watch Nancys performance Fillmore North came up to the plate and did what they did best be fan-frickin-tastic. They pumped out a grand jam even beyond the worth of Smuckers Strawberry. Judges Freedom 35 loved it and probably loved it even more since half of them were stoned out of their skulls. The competition came down right to the wire and waiting for the final ballot was like sitting on pins and needles while forcing yourself to eat liver and onions. It was tighter than a nun on Christmas (why did I say that?). The organizers came out followed by the hosts as the imaginary drum roll went as did the needles into my ass.

"Oh wait, before we announce the winner how about we do another stupid skit we ripped off of SNL so people can yell at us to Shut Up! And get the MOTHER FUCK! OFF THE STAGE!" - Host 1

"Sounds like a great idea my closet lover" - Host 2

In the end though the screams of anger towards the hosts forced them to do what they were actually supposed to and that was to announce the winner. So in the end it was Fillmore North groovin on with their free pass to the Metro Battle of the Bands. The competition was closer than sin and if the school had more money it just might have been a tie. So how about a round of applause while facing your computer in respect to all the bands that participated, runner-up Nancy and the winner Fillmore North. Congrats to Fillmore North and good luck in the Metro Battle of the Bands. I trust the rest of you folks shall be there.

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