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Tantallon Scene
"Rink Fun Day" by Josh Salter
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free music, free hotdogs, free pop OH MY!

   The rink fun day turned out well, though much less than the concert at the rink.  The shows that day were laid back with many bands playing only a song or two.  
   First up was a collection of Ben Stockermans, and Tyler Crane(Saxaphone) and an assorted array of people.  Then came Joey and the Cronies with Kirk on bass.  After them Nancy took to the stage and pounded out some hot tunes including a Ben Kweller, Tom Petty, and Zit Remedy cover along with 3 originals songs.  Everyone needed time to recover from the force of nature that is Nancy so they took a break for about 30 minutes.
   After that Barrin Pularin pounded out a bunch of Jimi and Zeppelin songs and pulling out the acoustic for Blind Melon.  The MJZG Jazz Four came on stage doing their crazy smooth jazz with some improvised lyrics and Mr Beale on Saxaphone a few times. Then the headliners of the evening Audity came out and played their rendition of the Mario Theme, Two Weezer covers and tracks from their new EP/CD.
   Oh and somewhere in the great mess that was the rink fun day A Rock Band ( = Audity - Auyon and 1/2Neil +Steph + Kelly) came up.  

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Tantallon Scene