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Hate Mail


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Well no site is complete without genuine hate mail.  We have just recently received this and we invite everyone else to enjoy this much like we have.  This particular hate e-mail refers to the "SJA Talent Show Recap" written by Matt Peters.  It comes to us from the magically witty Adam Legere.
ATTENTION: The following contains language some readers may find offensive.  Reader Discretion is advised.

Hey Matt, well i was just reading your comments or whatever you

>wanna call them about the talent show back in january and i know its

>already june but i just got the website from the masthead news a

>couple days ago, by the way, who's the queer with the maple leafs

>hat on, dont ever wear it again cause you make a great team look

>like a piece of shit because your a little grease ball, thats just

>my opinion though, so anyways other than the fact that you are a

>grease ball and have no life except for writing crap on a web-site

>to make you feel better about your self or to cover up some

>insecurities that you might have, i was just wondering if you get

>off on writing your little article on us, and when i say "us" i mean

>the "cool" or "popular" people as you would say, because i mean we

>do have the biggest article on the page there, now you might say

>thats cause there is so much to say about how bad you say we are but

>i think its just because your jealous that we actually have a life

>other than playin our music and your just so jealous or wanna be

>like us that you write the biggest article on the page... but i know

>you wouldnt admit that on there because your matt peters and your

>"funny"...but dont get me wrong we love playin music and its fun as

>hell, but so is havin a life, and yea we do play a lot of sports and

>i think you mentioned it like 2 or 3 times ... a bit jealous maybe ?

>yea i think so and we also hang out with friends and get laid too

>(yea you might get there soon buddy, even though it might cost ya

>some $) it's called socializing.. maybe you should try it and then

>you wouldnt have spare time to think up stuff to put on a web-site

>makin fun of people who are havin a good time in high school and you

>probaly woudlnt get e-mails from people like me who laugh

>histerically over the crap that you write, and how youprobably jerk

>off to a new Fender every night,  now dont get me wrong im not

>writing this beacuse i think what you said about our band is wrong

>cause most of it isnt, except for the fact that i probably forgot

>more stuff about AC/DC than you will ever know, and were not all

>that bad at what we play...some of the band reviews are true and we

>do have talent at our school but making fun of people with problems

> you must feel cool... but you know what your just fuckin

>ignorant there are those insecuritie problems again --> you shoud

>get that checked out,another review i dont agree with is the comedy

>act by chuck keenan and myles, yea thats right a comedy act you know

>when people laugh, maybe you should think about it and realize there

>is more to life than just sittin around on your computer makin fun

>of people that make others laugh and have a good time just cause you

>cant because your just that bad at everything you do,... so next

>time you feel like rippin "us" up  maybe you should try telling it

>to peoples faces, and dont worry you will get the chance before the

>end of the year , trust me !!!


>Scincerely ---> The "Popular" people ... give me a break ...

Thank you Mr. Legere for displaying your common sense, very good use of grammar and most of all, your sensitive side.