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Tantallon Scene
Fillmore North CD Review
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Fillmore North - S/T

   In only a very short time Fillmore North has played at the Atlantic Jazz Festival, won both the SJA Battle of the Bands and the Citywide School Battle of the Bands turning heads whenever they picked up their instuments. Myles Fillmore, SJA's resident guitar god hammers away on the guitar while Gabe Beale and Justin Boudreau switch between funk filled bass and guitar. All the while Zach Frampton keeps the rhythm section going. Only a year ago Fillmore North were nameless and without a real voice. Justin Boudreau has since stepped up to the mic and showed his soulful voice. At the same time as Fillmore North had won the Citywide Battle of the Bands, Zach and Gabe were just accepted to Vanier a prepratory school in Montreal. With Zach and Gabe's departure(Gabe ended up coming back for the start of school), the band took a temporary hiatus, but not before recording their first album. The band was able to get free recording time from their producer Leonard Mamaster. Simply entitled Fillmore North the albums 11 songs showcases their talent.

   After only one song the tone is set for the Fillmore North album. The first track, a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic" booms and the deep voice of lead guitarist Myles Fillmore pours like molasses over the music while Justin sings backing vocals. "The World Beyond Your Television Screen" delivers the funk. The riff is undeniably catchy and Myles solos over the song with style and ease. The solo ends just in time to showcase incredible bass paired with crisp doowop's that sound like they jumped out of an old radio. "Puta Asqueraca" shows off the bands Cuban leanings while "There Goes Gabe" gets back to wah-wah drenched guitar and pounding bass. "G'interlude" is short but sweet, 37 seconds of laid back experimental guitar work. The musicians step back and let the instruments do the talking for the most part but one of the most notable exceptions is their slowed down rendition of Green Day's "Basket Case". The last song on the album, "Otto "mo" Beale" features Tobias Beale on the flute and ends the album on a very high note. The Fillmore North boys seamlessly jump between genres and satisfy all the while.

   With Zach returning from back from Vanier around the new year, and their first album finally out 2005 looks to be just as prosperous for Fillmore North.

                                        -Josh Salter

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