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Tantallon Scene
"Concert in the Parking Lot / Rink" by Josh Salter
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this is a public service announcement,
(without guitar)

I'm sure that everyone remembers the "Concert in The Parking Lot". The Fliers were everywhere at Sir John A. The little pieces of paper floating around advertising a bunch of small local bands who were getting together (in classic metal fonts I might add) to play October 12th. The area we live in does not really have a scene of any sort. Sure we have many bands but they don't really have as many opportunities as those bands who have easy access to venues(though that might not be the case anymore).

  Ben Stockermans and Luke Chaisson went ahead to try and give the local bands somewhere to play, or at least a chance to get out and play to an audience. After much planning they talked Superstore into letting the event take place in the parking lot. Doctor Delivery helped out with the show. All that was left was for Ben and Luke to do the rest. The school was plastered with adds for the event and hopes were high.

  When I arrived Firestorm was just about to start their set. Everything was going relatively well besides some technical difficulties. After Pizza Machine played and A New Tomorrow were setting up it was announced that a noise complaint had been recieved and that the show would have to be cancelled. The crowd obviously upset and the bands equally perturbed sat around in disbelief for the most part asking if this was some cruel joke. This ruined many a peoples days since it was Thanksgiving and many people had arranged drives for 7 with the rest of their household visiting family. Even after the concert had ended the parking lot didn't clear out until much later with people helping each other giving drive to those who had none and other gangs of people embarking on walks home. After speaking with the Drummer for Twytch (Tyler Sinclair) i found out that apparently their was a police complaint and the show would be shut down because of a noise and swearing complaint. 

  Rumors about why the show had been shutdown spread quickly ranging from noise complaint, too much swearing for superstore to handle at an all ages show, music shaking the foundatioin of a house and a few others. Well after the dissapointing first try at developing a good free showcase of what the area had to offer a second concert was arranged. Thankfully through the help of some local stores and the help the local MLA Bill Estabrooks the arrangements and funding were taken care of. This time at the St. Margrets Bay Arena, the "Concert at the Rink" went ahead as scheduled relatively trouble free. The concert at the rink was a success and recieved a relatively good turnout, even after the failure of the first show.

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